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How to become a good SEO Expert🎓6 SEO Basic Concepts to Master SEO

An SEO expert is someone who is able to improve the search visibility of a site and achieve the top ranking in the search engines. In order to be an expert in SEO you will need to be aware of certain rules and need to follow them practically. Mentioned here are some of the best strategies implemented by digital marketers that will help you in becoming an expert in Search Engine Optimisation.

Mastering these basic concepts for SEO will help you reach you ranking and optimisation goals. Achieving great results for sites that you want to rank well in search engines.

1. Understand User Search Intent

The backbone of any good SEO campaign is thorough keyword research. Therefore it is very important that you understand the users intent while performing keyword research and selecting a keyword around specific search terms. Keep the target audience in mind while selecting keywords, this will help you in finding the right users for your site.

It is also worth considering the user device when exploring search intent. You can often find the same search term on a desktop device has a different search intent to that of a users on a mobile smartphone. With a higher amount of web traffic being seen from mobile devices, in-home automation systems, smart speakers and other modern household devices; it is well worth factoring those into your strategy and keyword research.

2. Use Natural Link Building Tactics

The major search engines consider it very important to find a natural and diversified link building profile, that grows slowly and steadily over time. Following a natural pace while link building will show your authority and it would be consider White Hat SEO. If you start building links too quickly, the search engines will consider your efforts as spammy, raise a warning flag against you and your website could be penalised.

3. Content is still King

If you want to excel as an SEO expert, remember that content is still considered as the king and is a very critical aspect which cannot be neglected. You need to optimise your content so that the search engine bots can find it and index it easily. But always keep in mind that your content should be powerful enough to attract the real visitors.

4. Strategy Planning For SEO Experts

Having a proper SEO strategy plan to carry out all the tasks is the most important factor, in order to become successful with SEO. If you try performing all the various tasks at the same time, then you will land up not getting many good results. Flooding your site with low quality content and you link building could lead you in the opposite direction to what you want. Read our blog post all about the most successful SEO Strategy Template.

SEO Expert Long Term Thinking

5. SEO Expert Long Term Vision

Achieving results for SEO will be a long term process; if you expect to see overnight results for your site then think again. You need to be patient and plan for the long term goals of your website ranking.

6. Practice While Learning

We are all familiar with the popular saying “practice makes perfect”, the same principle applies with becoming an expert in SEO. Whatever you learn every time you explore the topic, put it into practice and one day you will master that SEO technique. We have lots of resources, blog posts and tutorials available that will guide you in becoming an SEO expert.

WordPress SEO Experts

We specialise in WordPress SEO, website content optimisation and link building. Using these techniques and more we can help your website rank well in the major search engines like Google, Bing, Ecosia and more. Reach out to discuss your plans and SEO goals or post a comment below if you’d like to add to this conversation about becoming an SEO Expert.


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