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Security Through Obscurity

Security Through Obscurity – 4 Tips That Are More Relevant Today Than Ever Before!

Security Through Obscurity: Bots and crawlers are rife amongst the everyday traffic we see on the internet, on the whole these are programmed with set instructions to approach the known security weaknesses and loopholes of whatever they are trying to attack. Filtering out this base-bot traffic can be of huge benefit to your online security…
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Local Citations and Event Listings

Get 82 Powerful Local Citations For SEO Boost And Local Exposure

Building local citations is by far one of the best ways to impact local search result rankings and increase local traffic to your website. In addition to the boost provided for local searches by the Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) listings, many of the same sites will give you a backlink as well. Page…
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Understand Your Website

6 Critical Website Building Blocks You Need To Know More About

If you are looking for a way of getting to know the critical Website Building Blocks, try this post … The aim here is for you to gain a better understanding of the different layers that make up your website, from domain name to search engine and all the bits in between. Page Index Know…
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Which Social Media and Why? White Rabbit - WEBSITE | PHONES | SOCIAL

Find Out Which Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using And Why

You don’t need to be on all of the social networks, however it is well worth considering the major ones for your chosen arena. At the end of the post you will find an infographic to help you remember Which Social Media And Why. Page Index Which Social Media Should I Use?1. Twitter2. Facebook3. Instagram4.…
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Set Up VoIP Phones: Easily configure your VoIP telephone to work with a VoIP hosted provider

5 Details You Need To Set Up VoIP Phones With Any Hosted Phone Service

Want to save money on your phone bill? Set Up VoIP Phones! Some hosted telephony service providers fix you into using their VoIP phone handsets, however many will allow you to use a third party SIP or VoIP phone handset on their service. Page Index What Is A VoIP Phone?Set Up VoIP Phones On Cloud…
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FREE Business Listing Directories useful for organic SEO improvement

26 FREE Business Listing Directories To Get Backlinks And Lead-Gen

Free business listing directories are a great way to quickly gain company exposure, generate some leads and build backlink diversity. Link building is itself a fantastic way to increase traffic to your website. Local directories also play a big part in your organic SEO and SERP ranking. Page Index Directory Citation BacklinksFree Backlinks And ExposureCheck…
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WTF is a SERP Anyway?

WTF is a SERP Anyway?

What is a SERP? Sounds daft, looks daft but boy is a SERP important! SERP in all its glory – why you should be interested in SERP and what it means for your website activity and the web traffic that visits you. White Rabbit likes to cut out as much jargon as possible, to ensure…
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Simple SEO Tips You Need

8 Simple SEO Tips You Need To Improve Search Ranking

There are many SEO tips available on the internet, read on for the ones that count. Search engine rankings and organic SEO is increasingly based around good original content, that cannot be found elsewhere on the web. Having good solid content is one of the best ways to improve your website’s search engine rank. You…
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WTF is SEO Anyway?

What The F*ck is SEO Anyway?

What is SEO? What is SEO… You’ve gotta love an acronym, haven’t you? The world wide web (www) and all the wonderful tech surrounding it is full of acronyms, that general just baffle both techies and the average user alike. They are intended to make it easier and quicker to say things, when they can…
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Install free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate using cPanel

Install Free SSL Certificate Using cPanel

Page Index How To Install Free SSL With cPanel?Install Your Free SSL CertSSL Cert FilesConfirm Your Free SSL Certificate How To Install Free SSL With cPanel? Following the previous SSL tutorial (Let’s Encrypt on WordPress Websites), you will have generated a free SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt and the WP Encrypt plugin. Having completed that tutorial you…
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Let's Encrypt on Wordpress websites for free SSL/HTTPS

Free SSL For WordPress Websites

Free SSL For WordPress Websites If you’re running your website on a self-hosted WordPress CMS platform, then you’re half way to getting your free SSL certificate already. If your website is not on a WordPress CMS platform, contact White Rabbit today and open yourself up to the endless possibilities. Why do websites need an SSL…
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WordPress Website Security: Easily make your Wordpress website more secure for free

8 Great Tips To Increase Your WordPress Website Security

WordPress Website Security is becoming increasingly important to us all. As a WordPress website owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your website does not have any security flaws which could be exploited by the hackers. Read on for some useful tips about WordPress Website Security. Page Index Why is WordPress security important?Make WordPress…
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