Get 82 Powerful Local Citations For SEO Boost And Local Exposure


Local Citations and Event Listings

Building local citations is by far one of the best ways to impact local search result rankings and increase local traffic to your website. In addition to the boost provided for local searches by the Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) listings, many of the same sites will give you a backlink as well.

Why do citations help my ranking?

Google and other search engines will crawl the internet, looking for any mentions of your company’s NAP. Any reference it finds, on a good quality website, will add to your page authority in the local area and increase your ranking for local searches.

How do I build citations for my website?

This part is simple, yet time consuming. You just have to create entries on lots of high domain authority directories, maps and other similar sites. More on that below.

Can I create more than one citation on each site?

If you have multiple locations it’s recommended to create a citation entry for each. If you don’t have an individual website for each of your business locations, you should at least have localised landing pages for each branch on your company website. Include content about the locale and contact details of the regional branch, driving directions, local photos or a map can help too.

Build Local Citations for SEO Boost

People are far more inclined to use local services and buy locally, this is reflected clearly by the increase in popularity of “… Near Me” searches. Creating good quality backlinks and citations for your company’s localised pages, could be one of the strongest SEO techniques of the present day.

Check your current local citations

It’s always worth running a few citation checker tools, to see where you stand at present for local citations. Here are some of those very tools, that will check your local citations and tell you where you need to create new citations for your business, update existing citations or remove duplicate citations:

MOZ Local Citations Video

Watch this video from Moz all about local citations:


Best UK Citation Websites

To aid you in your mission to create local citations for your business, taking out some of the hard labour searching for decent websites to list your company on, I’ve put together the list of directories below for UK based businesses to create as many citations as you like.

This is current data for 2018 and the citation directories are ordered by Domain Authority, giving the good quality directories with high DA more priority. Citation Value is a combination of domain authority, ease/speed of listing your business and the impact it has on your local search ranking, providing a more specific and deeper  insight into the power of each citation you can create.

Creating a listing in most of these citation directories below will give your website a considerable boost in local search results and put you ahead of your competitors for related search terms. Directory100Very High Directory100Very High
facebook.comGeneral Directory100High
bing.comGeneral Directory99Very High Directory93medium
foursquare.comGeneral Directory92High Directory91Medium
yell.comGeneral Directory89Very High
tomtom.comGPS Data Provider85Very High Directory81Very High
thomsonlocal.comGeneral Directory72Very High
192.comGeneral Directory72Medium Directory71High
tupalo.comGeneral Directory70Very High
ibegin.comGeneral Directory70High
spoke.comGeneral Directory67High Directory66Medium
2findlocal.comGeneral Directory64Medium
justlanded.comGeneral Directory63Medium Directory63Very High Directory60Very High
touchlocal.comGeneral Directory60High
where2go.comGeneral Directory60Medium Directory58High
storeboard.comGeneral Directory56Medium
lacartes.comGeneral Directory55High Directory53Medium
uk.wowcity.comGeneral Directory52Medium
wand.comGeneral Directory51Medium Directory51High
uk.myhuckleberry.comGeneral Directory48High Directory48Low
yelloyello.comGeneral Directory47Medium
n49.comGeneral Directory47Medium Directory47Medium
businessvibes.comGeneral Directory46Medium Directory44Medium
company.fmGeneral Directory44Medium
callupcontact.comGeneral Directory44Medium
expressbusinessdirectory.comGeneral Directory43Low Directory42Low
lekkoo.comGeneral Directory42Medium
whodoyou.comGeneral Directory42Medium
iglobal.coGeneral Directory42Medium
find-us-here.comGeneral Directory41Medium Directory41Medium Directory40High Directory40Low
gb.enrollbusiness.comGeneral Directory40Medium
cybo.comGeneral Directory40Medium Directory40Medium
uk.ypgo.netGeneral Directory39Low Directory39Medium
uk.bizadee.comGeneral Directory38Low
list-company.comGeneral Directory38Low
thelocalweb.netGeneral Directory37Low Directory37Medium Directory36Low
lynkos.comGeneral Directory35Low Directory33Medium
localdatasearch.comGeneral Directory32Very High
placereference.comGeneral Directory32Medium Directory32Low
pageze.comGeneral Directory31Low Directory31Medium
routeandgo.netGeneral Directory29Low Directory29Medium Directory29Low
townrenowned.comGeneral Directory27Low Directory27Low Directory27Low Directory26Low Directory25Medium Directory25Low Directory24Medium Directory24Low
greenpagesdirectory.netGeneral Directory24Low
fonolive.comGeneral Directory24Medium
uk.bisnzz.comGeneral Directory22Low Directory21Low
companies-gb.comGeneral Directory14Low
openstreetmap.orgGPS Data provider10Low

There’s plenty more where this came from in the White Rabbit blog.


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