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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management

White Rabbit uses elements of Agile Project Management when delivering websites, social campaigns, other services and projects. Read on to find out more about Agile Delivery phases and what the benefits are of this project management method. What Is Agile Project Management? The Agile Project Management methods encourage teams to build quickly; test what they… Read More Agile Project Management


Customise Rootspersona Shortcodes

Rootspersona Shortcodes If you’ve been researching genealogy and created your own family tree using WordPress, it’s most likely that you used the fantastic plugin called Rootspersona. You can use it both as a data source to create, collate and edit the family tree, or import an existing family tree from other genealogy tools such as… Read More Customise Rootspersona Shortcodes

Stars in Google snippet

How To Get Stars On Google Search

Get Stars On Google Search Results Aggregate Rating Schema is what tells Google and other search engines, well, your aggregate rating. This is used as the basis to display stars in your google organic search listing. This can be an accumulated number of ratings from several sources or just your Google My Business page reviews. Once… Read More How To Get Stars On Google Search

GDPR compliant privacy policy

Website GDPR Compliance

Is Your Website GDPR Compliant? The newly updated Data Protection regulations are here! Make sure that your website is compliant by updating your existing Privacy Policy or creating a new one that covers all the necessary requirements to be GDPR compliant. You should seek professional advice to ensure your website and entire business function in… Read More Website GDPR Compliance

Security Through Obscurity

Security Through Obscurity

Security Through Obscurity …and why it could be more relevant today than ever before! Security Through Obscurity can be applied to almost anything that you do online which requires securing, be it a password, login page, folder location or just a username. There are many ways in which you can change your normal behaviour, such… Read More Security Through Obscurity

Understand Your Website

Get To Know Your Website

Get To Know Your Website Better If you are looking for a way of getting to know your website, try this… The infographic below has been designed to give you a better understanding of the components that make up a website, giving you an insight into each of their functions and how it all ties… Read More Get To Know Your Website

Install free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate using cPanel

Install Free SSL Certificate Using cPanel

How To Install Free SSL With cPanel? Following the previous SSL tutorial (Let’s Encrypt on WordPress Websites), you will have generated a free SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt and the WP Encrypt plugin. Having completed that tutorial you will be in the possession of the details for your free SSL certificate files – Usually something like the… Read More Install Free SSL Certificate Using cPanel

Let's Encrypt on Wordpress websites for free SSL/HTTPS

Free SSL For WordPress Websites

Free SSL For WordPress Websites If you’re running your website on a self-hosted WordPress CMS platform, then you’re half way to getting your free SSL certificate already. If your website is not on a WordPress CMS platform, contact White Rabbit today and open yourself up to the endless possibilities. Why do websites need an SSL… Read More Free SSL For WordPress Websites

Easily make your Wordpress website more secure for free

How To Make WordPress Websites Secure

Make WordPress Websites More Secure As a WordPress website owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your website does not have any security flaws which could be exploited by the hackers; to use your website for their unauthorised purposes. Why is WordPress security important? Because of the fact that more than 25% of all… Read More How To Make WordPress Websites Secure

Let's Encrypt on Wordpress

Whitepapers & Tutorials

Whitepapers & Tutorials by White Rabbit In this open source world we now live in, it is important to continue the propagation and sharing of knowledge. White Rabbit will be releasing a series of Whitepapers and Tutorials; on subjects of interest to clients and followers. From website security, user interaction and search engine results; to… Read More Whitepapers & Tutorials