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Web Design for Australian Art Dealer in Rome, Italy

Web Design for Australian Art Dealer in Rome, Italy

The creatively minded team at Counterweave selected White Rabbit when it came to developing their website, as they expanded and took their incredible collection of Australian art to Rome in Italy. A first in the art world, bringing traditional Australian art and workshops to the galleries and studios of Rome’s exclusive art scene.

This bold move required a similarly bold website, to showcase the stunning artwork and visual treats from Counterweave’s collection of artists. Large responsive banners display the fascinating and engaging artwork, while expansive white backgrounds and simple textual content support the artwork and provide in-depth information about all the other crafts and anima available from Counterweave. Layout and design approaches similar to those adopted by major art galleries.

Website Design Portfolio | WHITE RABBIT CONSULTANCY

With eCommerce integration using Etsy, this website provides an online outlet for this incredible artwork from Aboriginal and contemporary artists, now available in Europe. Items listed in the client’s Etsy store will automatically appear in the websites art catalogues.

Additional integrations provide an online appointment booking system, for other therapeutic and creative services offered by the Counterweave team. This responsive website design offers potential customers and art buyers the perfect way to access these incredible artworks, creative workshops and other “anima” available, from any computer or mobile device.

Art & Craft workshops can also be booked through the website, with a simple calendar view of all the upcoming workshops available, clients can click through for more information and to book themselves a place on any of the workshops listed.

On-going maintenance and updates on the WordPress back-end is carried out by the client themselves as they had previous experience with blogging platforms, so the migration to WordPress was smooth and simple for them.

Check out the website to see some of the incredible Australian artwork available to buy and if in Rome, why not book something a little special like one of their craft workshops to pass the time.

Visit the website at counterweave.com

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Responsive Web Design for Entertainment & Talent Agency

Responsive Web Design for Entertainment & Talent Agency

Meeting at a local Chamber of Commerce event, Matthew (from Comicus Ltd) and I instantly hit it off. With a similar view towards business ethics and the knowledge that he was missing out on vital online traffic and customers, he had a strong desire for his online presence to be improved.

After reviewing his existing WordPress website, which had been designed in a very restrictive way, preventing ease of updating and denying the maximum SEO benefits. I advised on several changes to make on the website, to at least improve it’s current standing.

Following further discussions and the realisation that the current website theme and configuration wasn’t a viable basis to progress, we decided to rebuild the website with the latest version of WordPress and a more current and compatible theme.

Website Design Portfolio | WHITE RABBIT CONSULTANCY

The new responsive website had an immediate impact on the search results and traffic received through the site. Optimised to be search engine friendly, engaging, interactive and accessible, the new Comicus website is far more suited to the needs of today’s internet users and indeed the client.

This online catalogue website of talented celebrities, individuals, bands and dance acts available to hire for events, provides a simple way to search the huge database of entertainers and then book directly through Comicus using the online contact form, or by phone and email. In addition to the vast online catalogue of talent for hire, Comicus offers several related services to their clients; with video production, corporate events, cruise ship entertainment and other relevant business services.

With plans to develop the site further to incorporate video lessons in comedy and an online event booking system, this long-term relationship is just beginning. Further support with social media will also be provided from White Rabbit in the near future.

Check out the website to see all of the famous celebrities, sporting stars and entrepreneurs available to hire, maybe book someone special for your next corporate event or private function.

Visit the website at comicus.co.uk

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Responsive Web Design for Festival Event in Scotland

Responsive Web Design for Festival Event in Scotland

Event websites are so much fun to work on, always interesting and different. Updating each year for the new line-up or theme and seeing how the event develops over time. Keeping the website content and design fresh and individual is of upmost importance, events need to be unique and creative to ensure continued attendance.

This particular music festival is based in Dumfries, Scotland. A very niche musical event in that it’s dedicated entirely to the Ukulele. The organisers who put on an incredible festival each year, insist that every act is of the highest calibre and features the ukulele throughout.

Widely regarded as the largest event of it’s kind in the world, with some 800 or more visitors each year. The Ukulele Festival of Scotland has firmly established it’s place in the calendar of any ukulele player out there.

“White Rabbit was absolutely brilliant, really efficient and approachable. A big thank you for all your hard work and support on the website, and patience when coping with those of us who are technologically challenged! Thank you so much.” Linda Butterworth – Festival Director

With the continued support of White Rabbit, providing a responsive website to host important event information about the festival, an online ticketing and ukulele workshop booking system, social media assistance with creating the accounts and increasing followers. Resulting in a huge social following and attendance for an event of this kind, which is only now in it’s third year (2018).

Some of the particular features of this website design are detailed below:

  • PDF Festival Programme Download

  • Mailing List Integration

  • Call To Action Banner

  • Social Media Integrations

  • Online Box Office

  • Competition Entry Forms

  • SSL Securely Encrypted Website

  • Festival Photo Gallery

  • Browser Notifications

  • Facebook Chatbot

  • Automated Event Announcements

Festival goers and website visitors can open communications over several different platforms and devices. Subscribe to the event’s mailing list, receive browser notification updates from the event website and even engage with the festival’s chatbot via FB Messenger, to find information about the event and receive updates on the festival. Using some of the latest communication technology and methods to schedule updates, interact with festival visitors and maintain interest.

Here’s a great video from Manitoba Hal Brolund, one of the regular performers at the festival:

Check out the website and if you’re in Scotland at the time of the festival, be sure to take a visit to Dumfries for the Ukulele Festival of Scotland.

Visit the website at ukulelefestivalofscotland.co.uk

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WordPress eCommerce Website for Artist’s Merchandise

WordPress eCommerce Website for Artist’s Merchandise

This responsive eCommerce website provides an outlet for a Portugal based artist, to produce and sell merchandise online with their original artwork on it. This fully automated WordPress eCommerce solution, takes orders via the website front-end and automatically passes the order on to the third party merchandise printer which provides complete order fulfilment.

The customer’s order is then printed, packed and shipped direct to their chosen delivery address. Without any need for interaction by the artist, who can happily continue creating amazing art while their eCommerce merchandise website and social media does the marketing and selling for them.

With complete PayPal integration, the total order value is received into the artist’s PayPal account and then the item is purchased from those funds, leaving no margin for error or financial risk to the artist. Best of all there is no need to layout lots of money to order printed stock in advance, all this merchandise is printed-on-demand and can be ordered as singular items or in bulk.

Some of the specific feature of this website design are:

  • WordPress eCommerce

  • Automated Ordering

  • Printed Merchandise

  • Zero-Touch Order Fullfilment

  • Social Media Integration

  • Refer-a-Friend Scheme

  • High Quality Printing

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Various Sizes & Colours

  • Clothing, Household and Stationery

Here’s a little promotional video from the artist:


If you’re a horror, sci-fi, vintage or militaria fan, why not check out the website and what cool merchandise is available from this artist’s eCommerce store.

Visit the website at tony.masero.co.uk/shop

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Website Design for Heritage Trust in Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Website Design for Heritage Trust in Ventnor, Isle of Wight

The picturesque seaside town of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight has a chequered and fascinating history, championed by the Ventnor and Undercliff Heritage Trust. This historic past is presented to local families, day-trippers and tourists with their most recent project, a heritage trail called Time Travel Ventnor.

This unique project showcases the history and heritage of Ventnor and the local area, by way of a free walking tour with public display boards at localities of significant interest, a physical map which can be found at the local heritage centre and of course a fantastic responsive website!

“White Rabbit are excellent IMO. Good designs and always ready with help and support when needed, which isn’t often I’m glad to say.” Richard Downing – VUHT

White Rabbit was lucky enough to be part of the team, getting involved with social media, building the website and providing web hosting and maintenance. Working with the Trust’s chosen design team at Words & Stuff who did a fantastic job on the logo, map, leaflet and display board designs. The website itself utilises responsive web design, meaning it is compatible with all sized mobile devices.

Visitors can access a digital version of the map, the associated leaflet, a digital guestbook for Ventnor visitors that enjoy the trail and more information about the trail and trust, all from any mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Some of the specific feature of this website design are:

  • PDF Map Embed and Download

  • Responsive Web Design

  • PDF Flyer Leaflet Embed and Download

  • Social Media Integrations

  • Historic Imagery of Ventnor

  • Contact Form

  • Visitor Guestbook

  • Visitor Photographs

  • Links to Related Websites

Here’s a short video from the Ventnor and Undercliff Heritage Trust, telling you more about the area and their activities.

Why not check out the website and next time you’re in the Isle of Wight be sure to take a visit to Ventnor and explore its amazing past.

Visit the website at timetravelventnor.co.uk

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