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Security Through Obscurity

4 Security Through Obscurity Tips That Are More Relevant Today Than Ever Before!

Security Through Obscurity: Bots and crawlers are rife amongst the everyday traffic we see on the internet, on the whole these are programmed with set instructions to approach the known security weaknesses and loopholes of whatever they are trying to attack. Filtering out this base-bot traffic can be of huge benefit to your online security…
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Install free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate using cPanel

5 Steps To Install Free SSL Certificate For WordPress Using cPanel Admin

Following the previous SSL tutorial (Let’s Encrypt on WordPress Websites), you will have generated a free SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt and the WP Encrypt plugin. Now it’s time to go ahead and Install Free SSL Certificate. How To Install Free SSL With cPanel? Having completed that tutorial you will be in the possession of the details…
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Free SSL Certificate: Let's Encrypt on Wordpress websites for free SSL/HTTPS

Get Free SSL Certificate For WordPress Website In 10 Simple Steps

If you’re running your website on a self-hosted WordPress CMS platform, then you’re half way to getting your free SSL certificate already. If your website is not on a WordPress CMS platform; contact White Rabbit today and open yourself up to the endless possibilities. Free SSL Certificate For WordPress This post will take you swiftly…
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WordPress Security Tips: Easily make your Wordpress website more secure for free

Get Secure… 8 Great WordPress Security Tips To Help Keep Your Website Safe

WordPress Security is becoming increasingly important to us all. As a WordPress website owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your website does not have any security flaws which could be exploited by the hackers. Read on for some useful WordPress Security tips. Why is WordPress security important? Because of the fact that more…
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