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14 Free Digital Marketing & SEO Tools You Should Be Using

Free marketing tools for you and your website

Finding and using the right Digital Marketing & SEO Tools for the job can be a daunting prospect when you look at the staggering array of marketing tools, services and apps now available. The web is littered with paid-for, premium and members services, however, there is indeed a solid, stable and growing wealth of free marketing tools and websites out there for all you web marketeers.

Updated from an original post published on 30 March 2017.

Get Free Tools For SEO & Marketing

Digital Marketing & SEO Tools

Compiled below is a list of free digital marketing tools that you can use to help in managing your website, improving your content and increasing traffic to your site.

These free tools can be used to: raise your website’s search engine position, understand your website users, find out where your website traffic is coming from. Create stunning content for your blog or social media posts and simplify sharing all your engaging new content with your audience.

Digital Marketing & SEO Tools

Set-up Digital Marketing & SEO Tools to monitor and analyse your website’s performance, check out competitors and the kind of content you should be creating and sharing. Easily generate content for your website and social media posts, then finally you can automate it to post content at scheduled times on your chosen social media profiles and pages.




SEO Tools


1. Google Search Console, Google Analytics & Data Studio

These are all free tools from Google that can give you a fantastic insight into your website’s performance (both in page load speeds and search engine results), keyword analysis, error diagnosis and versatile visualisation tools to help you understand and even share your website data.

2. Quick Sprout

UPDATE: appears that the Quick Sprout tool has been pulled and there domain now just hosts a blog about SEO and Digital Marketing. I am leaving it here as it may still be a useful free resource for some.

A relatively new app on the scene and looking to do some interesting things, to assist with managing your website’s SEO. Sign up now while it’s still free and growing, new features are being added on a weekly basis.

Quick Sprout

3. Screaming Frog

This is one of the most powerful SEO tools available for crawling your website to find out any technical SEO issues and more. Rather than being an online tool, this is a desktop software that you will need to download and run on your PC or laptop. The feature set in Screaming Frog is vast and far to expansive to explore fully in this blog post.

Just to name a few:

  • Auditing Redirects
  • Visualising Sitemaps
  • Broken Links
  • AJAX Crawling
  • Page Title & Meta Description Editing
  • SERP Snippets By Device
  • XML Sitemap Auditing
  • Canonical Errors
  • Crawling Staging Sites (great for devs)

I mean seriously there are so many powerful tools and features, you can’t begin to understand until you start to use it.

4. Siteliner

Siteliner is a useful free online SEO tool that can be used to actively crawl your website to find Duplicate Content, Broken Links and Related Domains. There doesn’t appear to be a limit on URLs that can be crawled.


Keyword Research


5. MOZ – Open Site Explorer

A great tool for not only checking out how your own website is performing, this is also a terrific tool for doing some competitor research. Find out which keywords and backlinks are driving the most traffic to your competition, there might be some that you can also use for organic SEO benefits.

Open Site Explorer

6. Private Browsing

Not just for late-night, one-hand surfing… this can be a great way to get a view of how your website or the websites of others are performing in Google, Bing and other search engines. By disabling any location awareness, user settings and cookies in your browser session, the search engine is forced to give a true output of where websites lay in the ranking.

Private Browsing



Creating Content


7. Pexels

A wonderful place to find beautiful images to use freely for personal and commercial use without any need to provide a credit or backlink. A huge catalogue of pictures you can utilise for your blog posts, social media and any other use.

Pexels - Free stock images & photos

8. Canva

Once you have a collection of your own images and stock images you can start to compile some blog and social media posts. Here is one of the best tools I have found for creating content to post on blogs and social media, using the post templates provided you can very quickly create dazzling content to post on all your favourite social media platforms.

Canva - free social templates

9. Ink For All

The latest free SEO content optimisation tool to hit the industry and make a stir is Ink For All. This content writing and optimisation tool will help you to write fantastic content that is optimised for the latest SEO techniques. Still in the early beta stage, download the software and accompanying WordPress plugin; then see what you can do to improve your search ranking and improve your SEO strategy, by optimising your content with Ink For All.

Ink For All - Free SEO Content Optimisation Tool

10. Grammarly

Just a neat tool to help keep your textual content grammatically correct. This will integrate with your browser and help you keep spelling errors and grammatical faux pas down to a minimum. The website itself also has some handy plagiarism checking tools, that some might find useful.


11. Copyscape

Another handy online tool to use when you are creating content for your website is Copyscape. This can be used to check your written content for plagiarism elsewhere on the web.




12. Social Connections

Utilise the power of native social media integrations to help automate your posting. Many social media platforms will happily integrate with one another, without the need for any third party add-ons. Simply check out the settings on the page, stream or profile of your social media accounts to see which other social platforms they will integrate with.

Post initially from your blog and try to share that link automatically in a way that maximises the social platform’s sharing capabilities e.g. Blog – to – LinkedIn & Facebook – to – Twitter & Instagram – etc.

social media sharing



One of the best and most used free marketing tools – It stands for If This Then That and it’s a crafty way of scheduling various tools and social accounts to trigger automatically on pre-assigned events.

For example, you can tell IFTTT that if you post something new on your WordPress blog then you want this to be posted also on your Twitter timeline.

That’s just a very basic example of what can be done, the “Recipes” that can be created are already extensive, with integrations and timed schedules for many platforms, web-tools and events, with lots of continued development being published.

If This Then That


14. Recycle Existing Content

If your website is on a WordPress CMS platform, then it’s easy to install a simple plugin that will help you both recycle and repost your blog articles. Why would you want to recycle old content? You may ask. Well your basic ethos, brand message, promotions, catalogue pages and the like (evergreen content), will all benefit from being automatically re-shared to social media, sending a regular brand message to your social audience. If you’re not currently on a WordPress platform contact White Rabbit today and we’ll hook you up quick smart!

Use Free SEO & Digital Marketing Tools

You should now have a good amount of free digital marketing and SEO tools, analytical data and content being automated on your social profiles. This gives you the time to focus on creating more of your own unique content, to inject into the automated flow of posts.

Depending on your required engagement levels, for most schedules, it’s good to see a few posts a day/week. With at the very least one a month being a unique post that is not recycled (it can still be scheduled in advance of course).

Now go, create… for free! With these free marketing tools.

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