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FREE Business Listing Directories useful for organic SEO improvement

Business Listing Directories – Good For LeadGen & Organic SEO

Free business listing directories are a great way to quickly gain company exposure, generate some leads and get backlinks, which are themselves a fantastic way to increase traffic to your website. Backlinks also play a big part in your organic SEO and SERP ranking. Reaping the rewards from other’s work to increase their own search engine position, can be passed on to your website, giving your organic SEO a boost and pushing you up the search results.

Free Backlinks & Exposure

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A quick and easy way to increase exposure gain and some backlinks to your website, is to list your company on free business listing directories, ones that include URL links which allow you to add your own website address.

It’s important only to link from other websites that will be beneficial to your search results position. Take a look at the list below which provides links to some FREE business listing directories, which have good standing with the major search engines.

NB. As several of these sites run on the earnings they gain from sharing data, it may be wise to consider exactly how much personal information you share with them.

Check Your Status

A good way to get an idea of how you perform before and after using the links below is this neat tool from MOZ

..and to check the quality of the domain you are looking to put your link on, you can use something like SEMRush.

FREE Business Listing Directories:

The above listed have been selected as they are regarded highly by Google and other search engines, there are many more FREE business listing directories available, for you to create a free listing for your company. Include a website link to your homepage, with a title and descriptions including your chosen keyword, to ensure you benefit from any organic SEO pass-through from that website.

Even More Business Directories

Here is a link to a huge database of UK business directories, however the data is a little old and some of the links don’t work (still worth going through if you have the time).

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