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2 Hrs Free WordPress Support For Local Small Business In Sussex During COVID-19

Free WordPress Support For Local Small Business In Sussex During COVID-19

We want to help local small businesses in Sussex to pivot and adapt to their customer demand, during the pandemic caused by the coronavirus outbreak. So we’re offering 2 Hours of Free WordPress Support for Local Small Business in Sussex during COVID-19.

Don’t let small changes to your website and the cost of getting them done hold your business back. If you need to change some details on your WordPress website, in response to the coronavirus outbreak and you’re not sure how to, just give us a shout below.

Free Small Business WordPress Support

If you are a company based in Sussex, with an annual turnover of less than £500,000 and you employ up to 30 people from the local area; you are eligible to apply for 2 hours of free WordPress support for small businesses. All of our standard policies and terms of service apply. You just don’t need to pay for it!

What You Need To Provide Us With?

We will just need a login for your WordPress site and info about the changes you want to make. Follow this link for guidance on creating another login for WordPress; for most requests we will need full Administrator level access to your website. Then see the form at the bottom of this post to request your 2 Hours of Free WordPress Support for Local Small Business in Sussex during COVID-19.

What WordPress Support Can You Get?

We have detailed below some of the most popular requests for changes to WordPress websites that we are seeing during the outbreak. We expect this to cover most of your needs right now, but don’t let that hold you back! If there is something you need doing on your WordPress site and it can be done within the 2 hours of free support; then we are here to help you.

Update Your Business Opening Times

If you do show your business opening times on your website and things have changed, it is important to let your customers know. If you are a bricks and mortar establishment, this will help to reduce wasted journeys and reduce the need for people to travel unnecessarily. If you are an office based business, people still need to know if your opening times have changed; again this will help to reduce wasted time and ensure people can access your services when they need them.

Google Maps Business Opening Hours

Don’t forget to update your Google Maps listing with your latest opening times in Google My Business. Give us a nudge if you need help with this too. We’ll just need to be given permission to make changes for you by adding us to your account; this can be done very easily and can also be removed again after the work is completed.

We’re Google Maps Street View Trusted!

Street View Trusted Pro

Offering Local Delivery Service

Add a page to your site detailing a new delivery service you are offering. We could even include separate business times, a map showing your delivery radius and a form for people to place orders, if you don’t already have an eCommerce function on your website.

Change Your Website Contact Details

Have you started using a new or different telephone number, email address or video calling service in response to the coronavirus outbreak and need your website to reflect this? Let your clients know by updating the contacts page on your WordPress website.

Add Notifications To WordPress Website

Website notifications are a great way to show that you are reacting to and adjusting for the current times. This tells existing and potential customers that you are willing and able to serve them during this time (or not as the case may be).

WordPress Push Notifications

Adding the use of Browser Push Notifications to your WordPress site can be a great way to stay in touch with visitors and send them your latest news. Once they have signed up to your Website Push Updates, they will receive your pop up notifications on their device even when they are not visiting your website.

WordPress Banner Announcements

Just like our website you could add a drop down banner on every page to alert website visitors to your most recent important news and updates.

Free WordPress Support Limitations

The aim of this service is to give local businesses with a quick fix to little adjustments on their website; enabling them to provide a better service to the community at this crucial time. We trust this free service offering will not be targeted and abused. We do however need to place some restrictions on the service, to be clear and avoid disappointment.

  • The service offered is for changes to an existing, self hosted, live WordPress website.
  • Changes to text and visual content approved and supplied by you, in a suitable condition for web use.
  • Plugin and Theme updates are not included.
  • Security set up or hacked site rescue is not included.
  • Search engine optimisation is not included.
  • We may not be able to help everyone, but we will try – our paying clients will have to remain our first priority.

Free WordPress Support Conditions

In addition to our standard terms laid out via the link above (and in the footer), there are some other conditions that must be applied for this free WordPress support service during COVID-19:

  • We will endeavour to complete all requests within 5 working days of receipt (subject to demand).
  • Businesses and charities that are deemed ‘critical’ in supporting efforts to combat Coronavirus will be treated as a priority.
  • Please ensure you have a full backup of your website before placing your support request.
  • Any further works requested will be charged at our very reasonable standard rates.
  • If more than one email correspondence is needed to clarify your needs, time taken will come out of the 2 hours.

COVID-19 Changes WordPress Websites

These are just a few suggestions of changes we can make to your WordPress website; in response to changes in your customer demand and business model during the coronavirus outbreak. If you have something else that needs doing just let us know in the form below, we’ll tell you if it falls beyond the scope of this service.

Double WordPress Support For Charities

The charity or third sector has been hit particularly hard by all that’s going on, we want to help you in particular. So if you fall into the eligibility above and are a registered charity, then you can double up and claim 4 hours of free WordPress support.

Claim Your Free WordPress Support

To claim your 2 hours of Free WordPress Support For Local Small Business In Sussex During COVID-19 just fill in the form below.

Our team will log your request to the queue and get in touch with you prior to starting any work. This will be to clarify your needs and check if there is anything else we can do while updating your website.


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