Gather Google Reviews to boost your exposure and ranking


Gather Google Reviews to boost your exposure and ranking

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Reviews for your business are not just a way to showcase your happy customers and garner feedback about your products and services, they can also add to your SEO and improve search appearance and CTR (Click Through Rate).

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Google reviews in particular will help to show potential customers that you are a trustworthy business, operating in their local area. They can also act as a way to increase your presence online, by expanding your Google My Business entry on search results and Google Maps. Increasing exposure and the chance that your listing will be clicked over your competitors.

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Teamed with some SEO coding and schema on your website, these reviews can be used to make your listings in search results stand out above those of your competitors. Product and company reviews can both be used in this way and really highlight your Google search result listing. You can either use a WordPress plugin or hard code the schema into your website.

It’s easy to get reviews from customers if you go about it the right way, make it easy for them, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to do. Catch them at a good point in your relationship and send them a direct link to leave a review on your My Business page.

The easiest way to create the link is using the Google Review Link Generator on the White Spark website below. Simple enter your company name and find the corresponding Google listing, the website will then generate your specific link to direct customers to leave you a review.

You then need to send the link you’ve created to your customers by email, social media or even a text message if that works for them. Include a polite request, encouraging 5 stars and even a gesture of thanks if you see fit (don’t offer to pay for the review or anything as a direct result). Sit back and watch those glowing reviews flood in…

Get Google Reviews the easy way

For the less tech-savvy customers out there, that may be concerned about clicking an unfamiliar link, you could always create a customised Google Review Handout PDF which takes them through the process of manually creating a review and even a Google account if they need one. Include your company logo and contact details, just in case they get completely lost and need your help. See the link here for the Google Review Handout Generator.

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