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How to Buy Keywords for Website 2 easy ways🤑Buying Keywords [Google Search]

Buy Keywords For Website Search

How to Buy Keywords for Website and buying keywords on google search results… If you want to Buy Keywords For Your Website then you really do need to read this post! Firstly you need to know that you can’t simply buy a keyword for a website; it just doesn’t work like that. To ‘buy’ keywords for websites you basically have two ways to approach this. Your first options in buying keywords for your website is Search Engine Optimisation and the second is PPC Ads.

Read on to find out how each of these two options can help you; and equate to buy keywords for website in search results on Google.

Buying Keywords For Your Website

The most simple approach if you really want to just spend money directly for buying keywords on google, then you will be looking at Pay Per Click or PPC Ads. However you don’t exactly buy keywords, you actually have to bid on them; against a bunch of other companies and individuals who are also bidding and want to buy keywords for their websites.

Google Pay Per Click Ads

If you are a small business looking to buy keywords for website and reach customers online or boost website traffic and sales; you need to learn about Google Ads and PPC advertising. Simply put, Google Ads is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising; a service that lets you create and run ad campaigns for your business on Google; so when people use Google to search for something, your ad appears and hopefully they click it.

How To Buy Clicks For Your Website

So pay per click ads are just that, a way to buy clicks for your website. If you want to start a Google Ads campaign for your website, it’s well worth looking to find a Certified Google Partner; they are qualified and experienced in managing great PPC ad campaigns on Google. Those with Search Specialisation are experts in Google Search Ads, which are the ones where you bid on specific keywords; or you could in effect say “buy keywords for website” in Google search results.

How To Bid On Keywords For PPC Ads

There is an entire industry that has grown up around bidding on keywords for PPC Ads. So as you have probably guessed this isn’t a simple process that you can just jump straight in and bid on keywords for your website. If you plan to manage the PPC ads campaign yourself, the best thing you can do is read this post all about PPC strategies you should think about.

Which Keywords Should I Buy Or Bid On?

To find out which keywords you should bid on for your website, you will need keyword research and keyword planning. You can do this yourself or hire some SEO experts to do it for you (hint, hint). Watch this video from the bosses of keyword research at SEMRush to find out more.

Buying Keywords On Google Search

The second option I mentioned above that can help you, if you want to try and buy keywords for your website; is to get your website indexed in Google’s SERP and then improve its rank. So that whenever people use Google to search for a keyword, then your site appears at the top of the keyword search results page.

There are basically two things you need to buy for this. For a full write up on what to do read our SEO Strategy Template.

As you might have expected, you can carry on reading to find out how to get great content and powerful backlinks for your website.

How Do I Buy Backlinks For My Website?

Buy the best backlinks for your website today! This part is really simple… Use our MAD: Marketing low cost link building service. With our fully managed backlinks service, we can assess and analyse your current backlink profile; then start link building to manage a safe and structured link building profile for your website. Another great way to quickly buy lots of backlinks to your website is with our Social Profile Lockdown.

How To Buy Articles For Your Website

If you need to buy articles for your website blog posts, we can help with that too! Our professional blog writing service can be used to craft fantastic and original blog posts around your website topic. With native English writers, search optimised content and as many revisions as you want; you can buy articles for your website, knowing they will be optimised and target specific keywords and phrases.

Other Things To Buy For Your Website

If you are at the very start of your journey to buying your website and all the content, etc; then here are a couple of more pointers to think over. Buy other types of content for your website; buy space for your website to reside on and also buy a domain name for your website.

Buy Pictures For Website

If you are wondering where to buy photos for a website? The best thing to do is buy pictures online for website design purposes. Before you rush out and by a bunch of pics for your website, you should first consider free stock photos from Pexels.

Buy Video For Website

You can buy videos for your website and get custom videos made; animated videos and even direct your own video with live actors. The team from Pexels have also developed a fantastic free stock video service called, you guessed it… Pexels Video. Here you can find high quality video that you can use for free on your website. So check there before you buy video for website design.

How To Buy Space For Website

To buy space for your your website, you will need to get yourself some web hosting. This is basically renting a piece of the internet, from a larger company that own or rent their own server space. There are many different types of web hosts and hosting services; so do your research well and read their reviews before you buy space for your website.

How To Buy Domain Name For Website

Here is another area where White Rabbit can help out, if you need to buy a domain name for a website. With many years of experience buying domain names, managing registrations and migrating domain names; our team are here to help, just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

Still Want To Buy Keywords For Website

If you want to Buy Keywords For Website, that’s what we do, in a round about way. By way of PPC Ads and Search Engine Optimisation, we effectively sell keywords for websites. We manage keyword targeting for small business, individual craftspeople and makers; SME’s and large corporations. Just let us know what you want to do and we can get your ad campaign or search optimisation underway.


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