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How To Use Locations & Geo Targeted Ads🎯Increase Ad Relevance & Boost Sales

Geo-Targeting To Increase Ad Relevance & Boost Conversions

Consumer demands drive changes to the way companies do business (including advertising). Location based geo targeted ads and local search engine optimisation work hand in hand; to deliver that demanded user experience and buying funnel.

Stats show that 61% of smartphone users prefer to buy from businesses that personalise the buying experience based on location. Is your business rising to meet that expectation?

Plus, if you are not using geo-targeting, you may be wasting ad spend. Keep reading to learn how you can start using it to reach more of the right people, today.

What are Geo Targeted Ads?

Geo-targeting serves ad content based on a user’s location. As an advertiser, it lets you control when (if at all) to serve ads; based on the user’s IP address or GPS location. This lets you decide who sees your ads and when they see them.

Benefits of Location Based Google Ads

Geo targeted ads give you location control based on a user’s:

  • Country
  • City
  • Proximity
  • Coordinates
  • IP address

So, what does this mean for you and your business?

Your Business Appears In Front Of The Right People

If your ads show up for people on the other side of the world, that doesn’t do your local business justice. Especially if you want them to visit your bricks and mortar location. Geo-targeting allows you to optimise ad spend to focus on relevant areas of the world.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend And Target Profit

Not showing your ads to people outside of your target locations will also save you a bundle. Wasted clicks from users that are beyond your delivery range or geographic demographic; can hurt your CTR, Quality Score and Conversion Rate.

Exclude locations you don’t want to target and also increase bids on profitable locations; that you know hold your target audience.

Writing Location Specific Ad Copy

Knowing what someone can see, hear and smell can help your business write ad copy that speaks to them. With geo-targeting ads, you decide who sees what and when. This also makes it easier to write ad and web copy designed to empathise with their needs.

Get More In Person Visits To Your Physical Location

72% of people who search for local businesses end up visiting them within 5 days. If your business appears at the right time in the right location and listings, you have a good chance of seeing them in person.

Which is of course great news!

How to Boost Sales with Geo Targeting

Successful geo-targeting makes it easier to convert visitors into paying customers. Smart location based geo targeting ad campaigns:

  • Are well structured with smart, targeted copy
  • Use clear and concise language
  • Focus on the correct location(s)
  • Exclude irrelevant locations

Setting campaigns up for success from the start can help increase revenue and decrease wasted ad spend. The following process will help you get started with your geo-targeted ads on the right foot.

  1. Know who your audience is and where they live
  2. Understand the climate and culture of your intended location
  3. Evaluate what your competitors are doing and what works for them
  4. Think about how your offer may change based on geographical location
  5. Create hyper targeted ads based on your audience and where they are
  6. Set up your ad campaign to include relevant locations and exclude irrelevant locations
  7. Experiment with different pictures, copy, offers and products
  8. Review your results, split test and optimise ads

How To Set Up Location Targeting in Google Ads

Although a user’s location is in effect a demographic; you should optimise your Google Ads for geographic targeting in Settings > Locations, not under “Demographics” in your campaign dashboard. You can make bid adjustments based on location; lower your bids on under performing geos and bid higher on strong performers.

Location and geo-targeting google ads

See Where Your Ad Clicks Came From

You can also see where your users actually were, at the time of the impression or their click. You might be thinking “If I’m only targeting the UK, I know where they were”; but it’s not always as simple as that when it comes to Google Ads algorithms.

Ad click locations - location based google ads

Geo Targeted Ads Done For You

Optimising for local search and successful geo targeting ads isn’t easy. And, the digital marketing world changes by the second. Staying on top of these changes can quickly become a full time job.

The good news is… it doesn’t have to be your full time job.

White Rabbit Consultants specialise in local SEO and geo-targeting for ads. The team of dedicated experts is ready to help your business boost conversion rates and generate more revenue. Learn more about White Rabbit Consultancy digital marketing services today!