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How much does WordPress Website Cost to launch a great site in 2021?

How Much Does WordPress Website Cost

The cost of WordPress will vary depending on your website needs. This post will attempt to explain the various aspects of costing a WordPress website. You can also use the WordPress Website Cost Calculator; to work out how much it will cost for a WordPress site in total. So lets get into explaining – How Much Does WordPress Cost…

How much to pay for a WordPress Website?

How much to pay for a WordPress website really depends on how much you are willing to do yourself and what you need from your WordPress Website. If you only need a simple website or blog and are willing to put the hours in to build it yourself, you can set up a WordPress site or blog completely free with If you need a more complicated website and you want someone to build it for you, that’s when your costs come in.

Why use WordPress for your website?

The figures below speak for themselves. WordPress is a trusted and versatile CMS that provide a fantastic base structure for any website. With highly flexible themes that enable you to customise your website to look and feel just the way you want it. Natively responsive, a well made WordPress website will be compatible with all devices. A huge database of plugins to enable just about any feature or functionality you could possibly want in your site.

Top Website CMS Usage Comparison

Updated daily, this chart shows the average usage of the best CMS platforms available to use for building a website. As you can see 35.5%, more than a 3rd of all websites are made using WordPress CMS.

2021 UPDATE: The live chart now shows at 41% of CMS websites using WordPress.

Best CMS Usage Comparison Table

WordPress Vs Joomla Comparison

This handy comparison table from ITX Design to help you decide which CMS is best; shows a great comparison between the important aspects of the two most popular CMS platforms. WordPress v Joomla:

WordPress Joomla Comparison

How much is WordPress?

There are two different types of WordPress that you will need to understand before you can fully cost your WordPress site. As mentioned above can be used to create a basic website or blog.

If you need a little more customisation, more control over the look at feel of your site, or even an eCommerce website; is the right choice for you if you want to know the cost of WordPress.

How much does WordPress cost?

Neither or have a cost directly attached. WordPress is an open-source CMS platform and as such, it is released on a license that means anyone can use and help develop it.

WordPress.Org Cost

If you are taking your website seriously then it is highly likely that you have decided to go with for your site. This has no cost to install and is available to download for free; and as a one-click installer with most cPanel hosting deals.

WordPress Site Build Costs

More than just the cost of WordPress itself; you will need several other pieces of the puzzle in place to make your WordPress site live. With every site build, there are a few website building blocks that you will need. Most of these have a price associated and will need to be factored in; when working out how much does WordPress cost.

How much is a WordPress website?

Still asking that same burning question “How much does a WordPress Website Cost” and need a ballpark figure for a WordPress website price? If you don’t have the patience to read the rest of the post; to really understand what the cost of WordPress is. OK so we’ve broken down some average WordPress site costs; that you can use as a guide to how much a WordPress website will cost to have.

Average Price of a WordPress Website

WordPress Websites can be built at a relatively low cost. For example, if you are willing to put in some time yourself; our Do It Yourself WordPress Website could well be the option for you.

  1. Website/Blog = £0 + Custom Domain (if needed)
  2. DIY Website = £350
  3. Basic Site Build Cost = £500-900 Avg.
  4. WordPress Website From White Rabbit = £1000 Avg.
  5. WordPress eCommerce Site Build Cost = £2000+
  6. Custom Theme WordPress Site Development = £2000+

Custom WordPress Site Development Cost

This is usually where the most cost involved with having a WordPress website comes in. The look of your website and the functionality you want, will dictate how much custom development cost your WordPress website will incur.

WordPress Custom Theme Development Cost

This will vary subject to your needs when it comes to the look and feel of your website. If you are happy with a standard Off-The-Shelf WordPress Theme then the WordPress cost will be lower. If you need WordPress theme customisation or even a completely custom WordPress theme developed; there will be higher costs, subject to your developer’s charges.

How much does it cost to use WordPress?

There is no cost incurred to access and use your WordPress installation itself. Other than your Domain Registration and Hosting; which would be needed for any site. Once installed a website can have as many users registered as you like (and your database can handle).

WordPress Business Cost

There are ongoing business costs to any business website, that includes a WordPress site. Some of the things you need to consider are WordPress cost specific and others would be needed for any website.

Cost of having a WordPress website?

Some of the things you need to consider when calculating how much does WordPress cost:

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Theme
  • 3rd Party & WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Custom Development
  • Theme & Plugin Developer Support
  • Website Security
  • Website Maintenance
  • CDN & Speed Optimisation
  • WordPress Support
  • Future Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC Ads & Marketing

WordPress Maintenance Contract

You may want to consider a WordPress Maintenance Contract; to cover the ongoing work of maintaining your WordPress site. If you want somebody else to maintain your site, you will need to include this into your WordPress website cost calculation. The best WordPress Maintenance would include most if not all of the following:

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • Website Backups
  • WordPress Theme Updates

WordPress Support Agreement

This would generally be a separate contract to any maintenance as detailed above and also factored into your WordPress cost. WordPress Support would involve more hands-on work on your website and also provide you with a source for advice; and guidance on keeping your WordPress website healthy.

Cost of WordPress eCommerce Site

The open-source nature of WordPress has lead to the development of some amazing WordPress Plugins. For the purposes of a WordPress eCommerce website, the go to plugin is Woocommerce. The core plugin for Woocommerce is again free to download and install on your website.

Added functions may incur charges and subscription fees; although several developers have created free plugins that will add great features to your Woocommerce install.

How much does a Woocommerce site cost?

Similar to any WordPress site cost, a Woocommerce site cost will be down to your needs in an eCommerce website. How many products you want to sell online and how you want to categories them; how you would like people to be able to filter your products and other aspects of running an eCommerce website will come into play here.

Woocommerce Website Design

Woocommerce is designed to be fully compatible with websites. Because of this any of the themes in the WordPress directory should work great with Woocommerce. Some of the free WordPress themes available; will have specific design features for Woocommerce and eCommerce features and functionality.

Product pages, catalogue pages and the checkout process can all be customised in Woocommerce; and you can even integrate you favourite social platforms, for social sharing and much more. All the major payment platforms can also be fully integrated on your WordPress eCommerce website

WordPress Website Cost Calculator

Use our handy WordPress Website Cost Estimator / Calculator to work out how much it will cost you; to get your WordPress site up and running for the first year.

Just enter your quoted prices for all the aspects of your WordPress site and hit the “CALCULATE” button.

    [calculate_button "CALCULATE"]

    WordPress Website First Year Cost:

    Send a copy of this calculation to yourself. Enter your email address and click SEND

    How much is WordPress Website Cost /month?

    Monthly costs of having a WordPress site would all depend on the choices you made above. The below are all ongoing costs of having a WordPress website; so you factor these into your monthly WordPress website cost calculations:

    • Domain Registration Cost
    • CDN & Web Hosting Cost
    • WordPress / 3rd Party Plugin Charges
    • WordPress / 3rd Party Theme Updates
    • Website Security Fees
    • WordPress Backup Costs
    • Maintenance & Support Contracts

    WordPress Website Contract

    We are more than capable of providing everything you need for a high converting WordPress Website. Let us at White Rabbit be your WordPress Designer and Website Host; with Backups, WordPress Updates and Support for any of your WordPress needs.


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