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Get Email Marketing Sussex! Mailchimp’s Partner Program collaborates with talented advertising agencies, email marketing freelancers, campaign designers and other Mailchimp Expert marketing pros to help them grow. As a certified Mailchimp Advertising Agency we are proud members of the Mailchimp Partner Program!

Along with our other business partner credentials, now we have a badge to prove our expertise in the marketing platform and show you that we are the right Mailchimp Email Expert for your business. If you’re looking for certified email marketing in Sussex or email campaigns automation for a business in Brighton, we’re local to you! So read on to find out about our new Mailchimp Expert partner status.

Mailchimp Email Expert Partner Program

The Agency Partner Program is designed for marketing agencies, freelancers and creative professionals; who work with clients that use Mailchimp or those who manage Mailchimp accounts for clients.

Mailchimp Advertising Agency Partners

Outstanding freelancers, agencies, designers and other marketing pros with expertise in Mailchimp are invited to apply to the Partner Program. Members of this community collaborate to better serve our mutual customers. Perks of being an official Mailchimp Partner include priority support from a specialised team, access to exclusive resources and more.

What is the Mailchimp Partner Program?

As a part of the Mailchimp Partner Program, we get access to:

  • Contact with the priority support team for 24/7 email and 24/5 live-chat assistance.
  • Company listing through their Experts Directory.
  • Product roadmap sneak peeks, partners-only webinars and other exclusive content.
  • Opportunities to participate in product betas and have our feedback heard.
  • Access to the dedicated Partner Services team; for assistance with onboarding high-touch, high-volume clients.

What is the Mailchimp Partner Badge?

Did you know the Mailchimp monkey is called Freddie… Our shiny new partner badge, features the Freddie icon and the Mailchimp wordmark. Not only does it represent our expertise in using Mailchimp, it’s a symbol of our evolution. As we’ve grown and evolved, so has Freddie and so will the opportunities for your business when using us, as your Mailchimp Email Expert.

Look who has a shiny new Mailchimp partner badge!

Mailchimp Agency Partner

Mailchimp Agency Email Marketing

We can manage different marketing channels for our clients email service all in one place. Design and build beautiful Mailchimp email template with the drag-and-drop designer, teamed with signup forms and high converting landing pages. Automate customer retention ‘win back’ emails, basket abandonment and blog sharing.

We can also help our clients with growing your audience, increasing click through rates, keeping track of marketing ROI and more with detailed reports. Plus, we have hundreds of integrations with popular services you already use to do your best work.

Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp

Based on thousands of user reviews, Mailchimp outranks Constant Contact in categories like; ease of use, ability to meet customer requirements, performance, reliability and more. These users also report being able to realise ROI sooner with Mailchimp than with Constant Contact.

Mailchimp understands the value of putting your customers at the centre of your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a small business that’s just getting started or an established business in search of advanced tools to help you scale; Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing and Email Platform has got you covered.

Award-Winning Web Design & Mailchimp Certified

Are you curious about how to make the most of Mailchimp and WordPress? Not only a certified Mailchimp Email Expert, we’re proud to announce that we’re also a Mailchimp Partner Agency. We love how they open the door to more opportunities for our business and we want to do the same for you.

As specialists in award-winning WordPress web design, we can fully support you with integrating your website and mailing list. Alongside practical Woocommerce features to win back lost customer, cart abandoners, sending transactional emails and more.

Certified Email Marketing Sussex

As a proud Mailchimp partner, we’re excited to teach you what you can do with their email marketing platform. Sign up to our blog updates for free Mailchimp expert help in the form of tutorial posts and email marketing tips.

Need an expert in email marketing automation, from a Mailchimp Advertising Agency to help out with Mailchimp support? Get in touch to discuss your email campaign needs and let us show you the power of Mailchimp. Make the right decision and have White Rabbit as your chosen email marketing partner.

Let the official Mailchimp Expert Partner take care of your email campaigns and automation. Hire us as your Email Marketing Sussex Mailchimp Partner today and watch your engagement soar.