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NBN Trust & White Rabbit🌱Giving Nature A More Digital Future


Another step towards a wilder future for us all, by supporting and encouraging Biodiversity. The NBN has chosen White Rabbit to provide technical and digital marketing support to its member groups of wildlife and biological recorders.

Who Is The NBN?

The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) is a collaborative project, but, above all else it is a partnership and charity; which involves many of the UK’s wildlife organisations, the government, country agencies, environmental agencies, local environment records centres and also many voluntary groups.

The NBN has been leading the charge for the sharing of biological data since 2000. They are the UK’s largest partnership for nature, with over 200 members and more than 222 million wildlife records available through the NBN Atlas.

NBN Corporate Supporters

White Rabbit is one of only four companies that have been accepted as Corporate Supporters of the NBN. By supporting the NBN in this way we play a significant role in helping to protect wildlife data, that will in turn help shape the future of  biodiversity in the UK for further generations.

NBN Corporate Supporter

What’s Going On?

As a Corporate Supporter of the NBN and lovers of all things wildlife; White Rabbit Consultancy has teamed up to provide technical and digital marketing support for the smaller wildlife groups and data providers, who are members of the network. Follow this link to find a full list of NBN Members.

Who Benefits And How?

This project is aimed to provide digital marketing and tech support to local wildlife support groups who are NBN members. With a broad skill set in digital marketing and communications to hand, possible uses for the support could include:

  • WordPress website advice, troubleshooting and fault rectification
  • Domain name management advice
  • Web hosting advice
  • Data recording integration on website (iRecord)
  • Set up FB Page
  • Review existing FB page for optimal performance
  • Set up Twitter account
  • Embedding an NBN Atlas Map on your website
  • Evergreen twitter post feed set up advice
  • Social content creation advice
  • MailChimp account set up advice
  • Integrate WordPress blog with social media channels
  • Search engine optimisation advice
  • Pay Per Click advertising advice
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation advice
  • Instagram set up advice
  • Search engine marketing advice
  • Telephony advice

What Is The Aim?

The aim of this initiative, is to provide the voluntary wildlife groups and biological data collectors with a sounding board for tech and digital marketing queries and barriers. To help increase their online presence and public awareness for the particular area of wildlife they focus on.

Why Do This?

We believe that wildlife and biodiversity is the key to a healthy planet and a healthy mind. Spending time in nature and with wildlife has huge mental health benefits, there will be dire consequences if we lose this invaluable resource.

Wildlife is on a rapid decline in the UK and around the world. We need to support biodiversity in planning and development; to do this biological data needs to be recorded for locating the many species of wildlife we need to protect.

The vast majority of these biological recording groups are voluntary and do not have vast budgets for online marketing. By supporting them to develop their online presence, White Rabbit believes this can in turn help to protect wildlife and nature in the UK.

"We are really pleased that White Rabbit will be a Corporate Supporter of the National Biodiversity Network ...we have a number of schemes and societies that are run by volunteers who I am sure would appreciate this type of help and support."

Supporting the creation of a #WilderFuture for us all.