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Organic SEO - Simple ways to improve your website's search engine ranking

How To Improve Organic SEO

Search engine rankings are increasingly based around good original content, that cannot be found elsewhere on the web. Having good solid content is one of the best ways to improve your website’s search engine rank.

You can also do many other things with organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to help improve where your website is on search engine result pages (SERP).


Simple Ways To Improve Organic SEO

As much as focusing on pushing your website up, it is also important to ask; What would make my website drop down on search engine results? This will in turn help improve your ranking position. Read the below to find out a little more about organic SEO and how you can easily improve your website’s search engine rank!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is changes you can make on your website coding, to improve SEO and help your website play better with search engines. WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO are a great way to access, change and manage many of the technical SEO aspects of your WordPress website.

Page Load Speed

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This is now a major factor! Slow loading pages will be marked down by search engines. This is especially relevant with responsive mobile websites and Mobile First Indexing. The vast majority of search traffic is now on mobile devices. If your website isn’t optimised for speed and fast loading on mobile devices, your search engine position will suffer. One of the best ways to improve your website’s page load speed is to install a proxy server or network up front. Also known as a CDN (Content Delivery Network), one great example of such that offers a free service is CloudFlare.

Titles & Headings

Search engine bots read your website and analyse the content. They love to be guided around your website with titles, headings (<h1/h2/h3>), sitemaps and menus. Ensuring these are all relevant to your target keywords and chosen subject matter, will encourage a higher search engine result. If the bots struggle to find all your content, it will take longer to be indexed or may not be indexed at all.

More than one H1 tag in your page? Do you need to worry? Watch this video to find out…

Image Alt Text

Alt Text tags can be added to image files that are used on your website. Increasing the frequency of keywords and phrases on your website. Again improving your chances of a higher search engine rank.

Hyperlink Titles

Any links in your website can also have a title tag (also known as Anchor Title). Search engines like these as it helps them to categorise your website further. Do not link out of your website using any of your chosen search terms or keywords, this can be detrimental. However well chosen and structured links to other pages within your website or to external sites with good content, can increase your search rank.

Sitemaps & Organic SEO

Search engines will use the Sitemaps on your website to improve the indexing of all the pages. Creating both an XML Sitemap using a WordPress SEO plugin such as Yoast and HTML Sitemap using a plugin like WP Sitemap Page; will help search robots and spiders glide around your website. The Wayfinder Sitemap (HTML) will also ensure all pages you choose are linked to from your home page, which helps with Click Depth.

Watch this quick video to find out more about using sitemaps on your website…

Off Page SEO

These are external factors and signals, recognised by Google and other search engines. To be ranking factors that affect and improve your search rank.

Build Authority & Gain Trust

By far one of the most effective ways to impact your SERP, is to build authority and gain trust for website. This doesn’t mean that you need to be linked to the local police force or recite a cub scout oath. When ‘authority’ and ‘trust’ are used in terms of websites, it means; how well the search engines “Trust” the content you have on your website and which other websites are willing to share and backlink to it. Showing search engines that you are the authority on the subject matter.

Social Media For Organic SEO

Using social media isn’t just for shouting about the latest product, deal or promotion. Social sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Quora and Tumblr can also be used as very effective organic SEO tools, to improve your search engine ranking. Adding a link to your website in social posts that gets, clicked liked and shared; can increase website traffic and send positive signals to search engines like Google..

Content, Content, Content!

Google’s most recent algorithm updates are all about content and bringing the best to the top of the search results. Well written, informative, useful and carefully formatted content will always win out. Make sure your blog posts and landing pages are dynamite. Then you will be rewarded for all your hard work with high rankings on Google.

White Rabbit can help with all of the above and more. Giving your website the SEO boost it needs to perform for you. Get to the top of the search results and increase the clicks on your website.

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