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NFC Marketing Stickers · Smartphone Tap & Go Contactless For Almost Anything


NFC Marketing Stickers · Smartphone Tap & Go Contactless For Almost Anything

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NFC Marketing Stickers

Smartphone Tap & Go Stickers

Contactless Smartphone Tap & Go NFC Marketing Stickers for just about anything, anywhere!

Great NFC Marketing Ideas

Stick these on your artwork, posters, sculptures, products, shop signs, valued possessions, etc…

Launch a new club night in style, make a splash in the art world, identify your personal belongings, engage a younger audience or simply share your favourite website with these.

Stickers For NFC Marketing UK

No apps or software needed with the latest smartphones. Programmed to your chosen link and ready to use. Add your secure web link URL (https://) below. Shipped direct from our UK stock and ready to use on delivery.

iOS Compatible NFC Tags

Works With NFC Technology – Android & iOS Compatible:

NFC Marketing UK

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Smartphone Tap & Go NFC Stickers

These contactless Smartphone Touch-point NFC Marketing Stickers can be used to engage with a new audience for your business. Use the power of contactless technology that is within all modern phones. No apps or software needed, just a tap to turn your real world customers digital. Just apply your smartphone tap and go sticker to anything it will stick on and away you go.

Contactless NFC Stickers UK

These plain white, flexible vinyl stickers offer a hard wearing and long lasting smartphone interaction point. Shipped from UK stock, No battery required for these self-adhesive digital NFC stickers. Store and read data for up to 10 years (usage and application dependant); with an operating range of up to 20 mm contactless (device dependant).

How To Use NFC Marketing Stickers

Mobile users simply ‘tap’ their NFC enabled smartphone on or near the NFC Tag Sticker; and they will be taken directly to the secure website address of your choice.

Smartphone NFC Marketing Ideas

Great use cases include: Tap and Go Business Cards, a fun and interactive way to share business details and also save on waste; Smartphone Tap and Go Art Integration, Tap and Go Posters, Walking Route Navigation Applications and much more.

NFC Tag Sticker Demo In Brighton UK

Here is a video of the mobile tap and go stickers in action on a street art installation in Brighton & Hove, Sussex.

NFC Marketing On Smartphones

Find out all about contactless NFC smartphone tap and go technology; and how to enable it on various mobile phones.

NFC Tap is an Apple® iOS application that uses the iOS13 expanded NFC to read and write NFC tags.

ModeliPhone XR, XS, XS MaxiPhone 7, 8, XiPhone 6
OSiOS12iOS11 or iOS12Any
NFC Type

  • URI
Background ReadingApp Required
NFC Type

  • vCard
App RequiredApp Required

* This product is limited to the capabilities of the device used to read it. Due to this we do not guarantee that all functionality will work with all phones.

NB: These are customised items and for that reason we only offer refunds if there is a technical fault found in the product.

Tap & Go NFC Marketing Brighton UK

Read our page all about what we can do with your NFC Marketing. Find out more about the contactless tap and go smartphone projects we’ve worked on; with NFC tag stickers in Brighton & hove, Sussex and beyond by reading our blog.

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