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Contactless Business Card Kit 📲 [NFC Business Cards UK]


Contactless Business Card Kit 📲 [NFC Business Cards UK]

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NFC Tap Contactless Business Card Kit

Smartphone Tap & Go Contact Sharing

Store all your contact details on one digital Tap & Go NFC Business Card, that you can reuse for up to 10 Years! Turn your business card into a contactless way to share your business details straight to any NFC enabled smartphone*.

What Will You Receive?

  • NFC Smartphone Tap & Go Sticker
    Pre-programmed with your business card contact details
  • Hard Plastic Card Sleeve
    For safe keeping, protection and optional attachment

Fit standard UK business card size: 85mm x 55mm (+/-1mm)
External Dimensions: 99mm x 58mm (+/-1mm)

NFC Technology – Android & iOS Compatible

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NFC Contactless Business Card Kit

Ready to use in under a minute, turn your business cards into a reusable contactless business card that will last for up to 10 years. NFC Tap business cards can be used for many years; share your contact details directly with NFC smartphones and other enabled devices*.

Money Saving & Eco Friendly Business Cards

What do people really do when you give them your business card? Put in it their wallet and forget about it? Slip it in a draw with a bunch of others, never to be seen again? Save money and valuable paper resources by turning your business cards into digital business cards that you can reuse to share your contact details, again and again.

Eco Friendly Reusable NFC Tap Business Cards

Keep your reusable contactless tap business cards in the hard case included, for protection and hard wearing. No wasted printing, or hard copies that just get tossed away. Avoid the expense of card printing, update your contact information at any time using an NFC writer.

How do I get NFC on my business card?

Once you receive your Reusable NFC Contactless Business Card Kit; you just need to place the sticker on the back of an existing business card and sandwich with another one. Slide the two business cards, back to back, into the hard plastic case provided; and you’re ready to use your NFC Tap Business Cards to share your contact details with any NFC enabled smartphone using Tap & Go.

How do NFC business cards work?

No need to scan a QR code, simply tap your reusable NFC business cards against or hold it near a new contact’s NFC enabled smart phone; and the high tech NFC chip will share all your contact details directly to their mobile phone as a vCard file in real time. No apps are needed to use these digital and electronic business cards on NFC enabled Android mobile phones, iOS devices behave differently, see below for more information.

NFC Business Cards Smartphone Tap & Go

Find out all about contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) smartphone tap and go technology; and how to enable it on various mobile phones.

NFC Tap is an Apple® iOS application that uses the iOS13 expanded NFC to read and write NFC tags.

ModeliPhone XR, XS, XS MaxiPhone 7, 8, XiPhone 6
OSiOS12iOS11 or iOS12Any
NFC Type

  • URI
Background ReadingApp RequiredNO
NFC Type

  • vCard
App RequiredApp RequiredNO

* This product is limited to the capabilities of a vCard file and the device used to read it. Due to this we do not guarantee that all functionality will work with all phones.

NB: These are customised items and for that reason we only offer refunds if there is a technical fault found in the product. This adheres to the Consumer Contract Regulations (formerly distance selling rules).

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