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Web Services For Public Sector

White Rabbit is very proud to announce that we are now providing Web Design For School Websites, Charities, Public Sector and Government Bodies on the Digital Marketplace! Registered as a supplier of Public Sector Web Services on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 supply framework provided by the Crown Commercial Service.

Web Services For Public Sector

Our services are listed under Digital Outcomes and Digital Specialists on the Digital Marketplace platform. This is an online service provided by the government, for the public sector to find contractors and tech for digital projects. The public sector and government bodies use the Digital Marketplace to buy digital services from chosen suppliers. Such as Web Design For School Websites, Charities and the Public Sector.

White Rabbit Gets Government Approval

Web Services For Public Sector Government Approved On Digital Marketplace

Companies listed on Digital Marketplace have shown that they are reliable and trustworthy. Being able to provide services that are needed by government bodies and the public sector.

This shows that White Rabbit has been chosen by the Crown Commercial Service; to deliver digital projects for high-level entities in the public sector and beyond.

Providing ‘Outcomes’ and ‘Specialists’ in digital projects for: Local and County Councils, Universities, Police Forces, Emergency Services, Schools, Hospitals, Libraries, Research Centres, Academies, etc. The full list is almost endless!

Digital Marketplace Overview

The Digital Marketplace helps pubic sector bodies find cloud tech and specialist services for digital projects. It uses 3 frameworks (agreement between government and suppliers).

You can find:

Web Services On The Digital Marketplace

Cloud Services

There are around 20,000 cloud services on the Digital Marketplace, split into 3 categories:

  • Cloud Hosting, for example content delivery networks or load balancing services.
  • Cloud Software, for example accounting tools or customer service management software.
  • Cloud Support, for example migration services or ongoing support.

Digital Specialist Services

This is the category White Rabbit is listed in. There are only around 1,000 suppliers chosen to provide digital specialist services, including:

  • Digital Outcomes, for example a booking system or an accessibility audit.
  • Digital Specialists, for example product managers or developers.
  • User Research Studios.
  • User Research Participants.

Data-Centre Hosting Services

One supplier provides data-centre hosting to government.

It offers:

  • Mission critical data-centres
  • Flexible pay-for-what-you-use model
  • Secure facilities
  • Power uptime that exceeds Tier III+
  • Leading environmental performance

The government’s Cloud First policy means that public sector bodies need to consider a cloud solution before they can choose data-centre hosting from the Crown Hosting Data Centres framework.

Supplying Public Sector Web Services

To provide Web Design For School Websites, Charities, Public Sector and Government Bodies on the Digital Marketplace, suppliers must apply through a rigorous vetting process. Verifying their competency in, and their level of commitment to: Agile Project Management, Website Accessibility, Equality, Anti Bribery and other important aspect of the business.

Who Uses The Digital Marketplace?

Any public sector entity, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can buy Web Design For School Websites, Charities, Public Sector and Government Bodies on the Digital Marketplace. The online Digital Marketplace is used to find Public Sector Web Services. Contracting Authorities in the UK that exist on 04th July 2019 and which fall into one or more of the following categories:

#1 Public Sector

Any of the following:

  1. Ministerial departments;
  2. Non ministerial departments;
  3. Executive agencies of government;
  4. Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs), including: advisory NDPBs, executive NDPBs, and tribunal NDPBs;
  5. Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies (ASPBs);
  6. Police forces;
  7. Fire and rescue services;
  8. Ambulance services;
  9. Maritime and coastguard agency services;
  10. NHS bodies;
  11. Educational bodies, including: state schools (nursery schools, primary schools, middle or high schools, secondary schools, special schools), academies, colleges, Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), further education colleges and universities;
  12. Hospices;
  13. National Parks;
  14. Housing associations, including social landlords;
  15. Third sector and charities;
  16. Citizens advice bodies;
  17. Councils, including: county councils, district councils, county borough councils, community councils, London borough councils, unitary councils, metropolitan councils, parish councils;
  18. Public corporations;
  19. Public financial bodies;
  20. Public pension funds;
  21. Central banks; and
  22. Civil service bodies, including public sector buying.

#2 Government Bodies

Those listed and maintained on the website at or any replacement or updated link.

#3 Office of National Statistics (ONS)

Those listed and maintained by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) at
icsectorclassificationguide or any replacement or updated link.

#4 Contracting Authorities

Those bodies in England, Wales or Northern Ireland which are within the scope of the definition of “Contracting Authority” in regulation 2(1) of the PCR 2015 and/or Schedule 1 PCR.

Buying Through Digital Marketplace

Web Services For Public Sector

Buying services through frameworks means the Public Sector can save on the time and cost of entering into individual contracts.

All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace. Check the customer URN list to find out if you are eligible. Follow this link to visit the Digital Marketplace.

What Can You Buy On The UK Digital Marketplace?

Besides our wide range of digital marketing and WordPress SEO services; here are some examples of the types of projects available through the Digital Marketplace and White Rabbit is able to provide to government bodies and the public sector. Public sector and other organisations can buy these web services by contacting us via the Digital Marketplace or directly on this website.

Web Design For School Websites

School Websites Compatible With All Modern Browsers

We can make school websites that incorporate the best in dazzling web design with innovative functionality and website features. We balance key strategy, creativity, technology and the vision of your school; to create a beautiful online presence and bespoke website for your school. These services would include other education establishments such as; state schools, primary schools, high schools, secondary schools, special schools, academies, colleges, Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), further education colleges, universities and nursery school website design.

Charity Website Designers

Third Sector & Charity Website Design

We create elegant, responsive and easy to manage websites for charities, good causes and third sector organisations. We believe that your message is the most important part of your charity website; your charity web design needs to be clear, easy to manage and tailor made for your specific target audience and benefactors. It is vitally important that your charity’s message is wrapped up nicely in a clean, stylish, mobile friendly website.

How To Buy Web Design For School Websites

You can reach out to White Rabbit directly through our contact page; to discuss any web design, WordPress SEO, Business Phones and any Digital Marketing projects you need. Get in touch and ask questions about any of our Web Design For School Websites, Charities, Public Sector and Government Bodies on the Digital Marketplace.