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Top 10 Reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites

Reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites

WordPress is undeniably the world’s leading content management system and blogging platform. Current estimates suggest that over 455 million websites use WordPress as their publishing platform of choice.

One of the reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites is because it’s simple to implement, and it’s quick and easy to publish new content using it. Most web hosts also offer WP as a one-click installation.

But, there are likely some things you don’t know about the mighty WordPress. Check out these interesting nuggets of information and reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites:

1. WP is used by the World’s Top Brands

The beauty of WordPress is that it’s a powerful publishing tool. You can run WordPress websites of any size, and it doesn’t matter how much content you’ve got. The underlying code gets constantly optimised to make it perform well, even on shared hosts.

Some of the world’s top brands use WordPress. Examples include Spotify, the BBC, and the New York Times. The fact that those leading brands and more use WordPress is testament to the platform’s reliability, flexibility and security.

2. WordPress powers nearly half the Web

At the time of writing, the W3Techs website notes that 42.8% of all websites have WordPress proudly displaying their site content. It’s also number one for content management systems, with hosted solutions such as Shopify and Wix coming in second and third.

W3Techs website notes that 42.8% of all websites have WordPress proudly displaying their site content... Share on X

When most people want to have a new website, they will likely turn to WordPress because it’s a tried and trusted publishing solution that anyone can use. What’s more, it’s free to download and use; WordPress doesn’t cost a penny if you host the platform on your own server.

3. It’s the “Web Designer’s Friend”

It’s no secret that many businesses and organisations hire web design agencies like White Rabbit Consultancy to design and create new websites for them. As you can imagine, it makes sense to use a platform like WordPress as the basis for all new sites.

WordPress has powerful theme and plugin customisations, meaning that any changes can get reflected site-wide immediately without needing to update all pages manually. It’s one of the reasons any WordPress web designer enjoys using the CMS.

A great example of this is the award-winning charity website design that we created for St Anne’s Trust.

4. You can integrate it with other content

One of the concerns that some established website owners have is creating a brand new website from scratch. As you can appreciate, if you’ve got an existing site with hundreds or thousands of existing pages, you won’t want to create them all again.

Thankfully, WordPress can be integrated with most existing website content. Many website owners will use WordPress to migrate their ecommerce solutions like OpenCart, Magento or WikiMedia-based CMSs. WikiMedia powers the Wikipedia website, in case you wondered.

5. WordPress is great for SEO

Another advantage of using WordPress to power a website is that it’s perfect for search engine optimisation. Out of the box, WordPress already comes with some features and settings that help boost a website’s search engine exposure.

But, powerful plugins like Yoast SEO give even greater control over your content and its visibility to search engines. What’s more, such plugins help you conduct on-page optimisation with ease.

The great thing about SEO plugins for WordPress is they get designed with website managers in mind. That means you don’t need to be an SEO expert to use or understand them, although it helps.

6. WordPress can be your Online Shop

It’s easy to assume that WordPress is just a content management system and blogging platform. You may not realise how you can easily use WordPress as a robust ecommerce solution for your online shop.

Another of our reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites. Thanks to its extensive library of free to download plugins created by developers worldwide, it’s possible to configure a plugin like WooCommerce to turn your WordPress site into a fully-fledged ecommerce system.

Additionally, you don’t even need to make your entire site an online shop. It’s as simple as applying an ecommerce template to specific pages or sections of your site and leaving everything else as it is. Check out the TRUTH Fitness website that we built for an example of this feature.

If you want to advertise your products and services but don’t necessarily want to sell online, with some customisation, Woocommerce can also be used as a catalogue site. Like the talent agency website we made for Comicus to showcase the event talent they hire out.

7. WordPress is a good Social Substitute

Let’s face it: not everyone is a fan of the mighty Facebook. Many people have concerns over their online privacy when using the social media service, and some users find its array of settings and options confusing.

If you’re considering making a new social network, did you know that you can use WordPress to power your project? Plugins like BuddyPress allow you to turn your social networking vision into reality.

Another fact about WordPress is that you could even use it with a plugin like BuddyPress to create a private social network for your business or organisation. The possibilities are endless.

8. WP is great for marketing online

You already know how WordPress is a versatile publishing platform and that it offers SEO capabilities out of the box. However, what you might not know is that it’s the perfect partner for people serious about their digital marketing.

For example, you can use WordPress to create unique and tailored landing pages if your digital marketing campaign involves specific products, services or localised search engine optimisation. Your marketing strategies can direct visitors to those pages from relevant ad campaigns.

9. Security Issues get fixed quickly

Cyber crime is sadly at the forefront of many website owners’ minds. Each year, cyber attacks cost businesses a lot of money, and many causes are due to security vulnerabilities in the website’s underlying code.

The good news is that any potential security issues get flagged up and resolved quickly by the WordPress development team. That’s because a global army of developers maintains and enhances the CMS every day.

10. You can use WordPress like a Forum

Finally in our article on reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites, if you wish to build up an online community on your website, there’s no need to spend money on premium forum solutions like vBulletin. Instead, you can simply use WordPress and a plugin called bbPress to create your online community.

Reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites

We believe it is the best CMS because WordPress is a very powerful, yet versatile content management system. Read our other blog posts to find out more interesting information and reasons WordPress is great for Business Websites, you’ll find some examples of these below.

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