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Meeting at a local Chamber of Commerce event, Matthew (from Comicus Ltd) and I instantly hit it off. With a similar view towards business ethics and the knowledge that he was missing out on vital online traffic and customers, he had a strong desire for his online presence to be improved.

After reviewing his existing WordPress website, which had been designed in a very restrictive way, preventing ease of updating and denying the maximum SEO benefits. I advised on several changes to make on the website, to at least improve it’s current standing.

Following further discussions and the realisation that the current website theme and configuration wasn’t a viable basis to progress, we decided to rebuild the website with the latest version of WordPress and a more current and compatible theme.

Website Design Portfolio | WHITE RABBIT CONSULTANCY

The new responsive website had an immediate impact on the search results and traffic received through the site. Optimised to be search engine friendly, engaging, interactive and accessible, the new Comicus website is far more suited to the needs of today’s internet users and indeed the client.

This online catalogue website of talented celebrities, individuals, bands and dance acts available to hire for events, provides a simple way to search the huge database of entertainers and then book directly through Comicus using the online contact form, or by phone and email. In addition to the vast online catalogue of talent for hire, Comicus offers several related services to their clients; with video production, corporate events, cruise ship entertainment and other relevant business services.

With plans to develop the site further to incorporate video lessons in comedy and an online event booking system, this long-term relationship is just beginning. Further support with social media will also be provided from White Rabbit in the near future.

Check out the website to see all of the famous celebrities, sporting stars and entrepreneurs available to hire, maybe book someone special for your next corporate event or private function.

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