4 Security Through Obscurity Tips That Are More Relevant Today Than Ever Before!


Security Through Obscurity

Security Through Obscurity: Bots and crawlers are rife amongst the everyday traffic we see on the internet, on the whole these are programmed with set instructions to approach the known security weaknesses and loopholes of whatever they are trying to attack. Filtering out this base-bot traffic can be of huge benefit to your online security and even your pocket!

Security Through Obscurity Tips

Security Through Obscurity can be applied to almost anything that you do online which requires securing, be it a password, login page, folder location or just a username. There are many ways in which you can change your normal behaviour, such that bots and other unauthorised users can’t access your assets.

What is Security Through Obscurity?

Security Through Obscurity also known as Security By Obscurity is the simple method of applying security to your online presence by using unusual methods and alterations. Unusual in the sense that it is not the known default behaviour for the software, platform or majority of people.

How can this save money?

Unwanted bot traffic to your website can massively increase server load, meaning that your web hosting server resources need upgrading to support the traffic and excessive resource usage. This can be a costly game, with most web hosting companies recommending their VPS hosting packages as the best solution. This does not resolve the issue, it just makes them more money.

So what security actions can you take?

There are some obvious changes and some less obvious ones, either way they will be a step in the right direction for increasing your online security.

Focusing on your WordPress installation, here are some simple steps you can take to improve its security by obscurity:

WordPress Admin Area Security Tips

  1. Change the default login URL everyone knows ‘wp-admin’
  2. Use obscure passwords with a mix of characters and case
  3. Change the database prefix from the default ‘wp’
  4. Use a different username to your publicly displayed name

Why now more than ever?

Attacks on the login page of WordPress websites is now completely common place, for any website that is receiving any real exposure and traffic. Tagged as DDOS attacks these bots will attempt hundreds of logins to your WordPress back-end on the default address e.g. www.yourdomain/wp-admin with the known default username “admin”.

This is where Security Through Obscurity can really help you. By changing your default username and login URL (to something obscure to the bots), you can eliminate many of these DDOS attacks immediately… this is a perfect example of how Security By Obscurity can be used.

WordPress Website Security

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