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We'll check out your website & make sure everything is performing at it's best.

Both speed in page loading and website performance on search engines, can be improved with coding and adjustments to your website - White Rabbit can assess your website, provide a thorough report, advise and provide solutions to help speed up your website and help your website appear higher up in internet search results.

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Adding and editing the coded backend of your website can improve your position in search engine results, meaning you appear above others when people search the internet for you product or service. This technique avoids the costly pay-per-click method of website promotion, on average our customers all appear on the first page of the most popular search engine for their chosen keywords and phrases.

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Using unique tools and plugins that are only available on the development platforms White Rabbit uses, we can take advantage of little known browser and server resources to optimise your website's page loading speeds. Page loading speeds are all important if you want your website users (customers) to have an enjoyable experience while using your website, this in turn will encourage further browsing and sharing of your website.

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