Install free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate using cPanel

Install free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate using cPanel

How to install free SSL Certificate on websites? Following the previous website tutorial (Let’s Encrypt on WordPress websites for free SSL/HTTPS), you will have generated a free SSL certificate using the Let’s Encrypt platform and the WP Encrypt plugin. Having completed that tutorial you will be in the possession of the location details for your…
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Let's Encrypt on Wordpress websites for free SSL/HTTPS

Let’s Encrypt on WordPress websites for free SSL/HTTPS

Why do websites need a Green Padlock? When browsing the internet you will notice that some, if not the vast majority of websites, show a green padlock in the browser address bar. This means any information the user sends to the website server will be encrypted, thus preventing anyone from eavesdropping on the conversation (and…
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Easily make your Wordpress website more secure for free

Easily make your WordPress website more secure

Why is WordPress security important? Because of the fact that more than 25% of all websites now being created are built on the WordPress CMS platform, it is fast becoming a target for hackers, DDOS and other malicious attacks. As a WordPress website owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your website does not…
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