How long does WordPress design take?

The timescale of a WordPress website design can vary. The core WordPress install takes just a couple of hours to set up. Customisation and development of the website is where the time comes in. White Rabbit has lots of techniques and templates to speed things along. Never cutting corners, just providing a swift and professional…
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How much is WordPress web design?

Every custom WordPress design will have a different cost attached. Subject to your needs in a website. The BYO WordPress Website product that we offer, costs just £350 as a starting place. Check out our blog post to help you work out how much WordPress costs all in.

What is WordPress web design?

WordPress development is done using a CMS for publishing websites and blogs. It is software that runs the back-end of a website; behind the scenes if you like. A WordPress website design can be made up of a few aspects: WordPress Themes Third Party Themes WordPress Plugins Third Party Plugins Custom Themes and Plugins