Brighton & Hove, Sussex, UK

Contactless NFC Tap & Go Sign + 360° Virtual Tour for Hove Plinth in Sussex

Mobile Phone Tap & Go and StreetView 360° Virtual Tour of Hove Plinth in Sussex

Working closely with members of Hove Civic Society, the group responsible for Hove seafront’s permanent art platform; White Rabbit has been providing support for Hove Plinth, in the way of some digital and smartphone technology. An online 360° virtual tour of Hove Plinth on Google Maps Street View and the NFC contactless Smartphone Tap & Go integration built into Hove Plinth’s display board.

Hove Plinth Smartphone Tap & Go

One aspect of the project was to integrate NFC Contactless Tap & Go functionality, into the display board on site. Allowing visitors to simply tap their NFC enabled phone against the display and interact with the art sculpture.

The visitor’s phone will emulate a phone call with Hove Plinth’s 2019-2020 sculpture; and the artwork talks to them, letting them know more about the local characters and symbols that make up the iconic artwork.

Hove Plinth Virtual Tour

The other part of the project was to create Hove Plinth’s Virtual Tour. If you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day, don’t want to brave the wind on Hove seafront; or for those who simply aren’t fortunate enough to live nearby. White Rabbit has also created an online virtual tour of Hove Plinth!

Available to see on Google Maps Street View and also directly below. Experience the Plinth and the artwork ‘Constellation’ by Jonathan Wright in all its glory; right from the comfort of your own armchair.

Virtual Tour Demo Video

Here’s a little video demo of the Hove Plinth virtual tour as it appears on Google Street View.

Interactive Virtual Art Brighton & Hove

Use a Virtual Reality Headset with your phone and go full screen, to create a truly immersive (virtual) outdoor art experience. Move around Hove Plinth and the sculpture in the digital realm. see it from every side, you can even zoom in for a unique view you wouldn’t get in real life.

About Hove Plinth

Hove Plinth is a community project, creating a cultural attraction on the historic Hove seafront. The Plinth will bring exciting new public art installations to the city; therefore showcasing a changing programme of the best in modern day sculpture. Major works will stay on the plinth for up to 18 months, after this some will be moved to sites in the city.

About Hove Civic Society

Founded in 1960, the object of the society is to “stimulate community interest in the beauty, history and character of Hove”. The society encourages high standards of architecture, town planning and conservation; monitoring all new planning applications. Protecting the individuality of Hove, within the wider Brighton & Hove context is important to the society; as is maintaining and improving the environment.

Why Do This?

White Rabbit is keen to give back to the local community in Sussex. Donating time and resources to local voluntary and community projects; that improve and better the environment for us all.