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6 Critical Website Building Blocks You Need To Know More About

Understand Your Website

If you are looking for a way of getting to know the critical Website Building Blocks, try this post …

The aim here is for you to gain a better understanding of the different layers that make up your website, from domain name to search engine and all the bits in between.

Know Your Website Building Blocks

Don’t be in the dark about your website. A better grasp on the Building Blocks that make up your website, will empower you to not only get the best deals; having an insight will help you when choosing a dev for your own website.

Website Building Blocks Infographic

Get To Know The 6 Website Building BlocksThe infographic here has been designed to give you a better understanding of the components that make up a website, giving you an insight into each of their functions and how the Website Building Blocks all tie together.

Block #1 Domain Name

This is the address of your website, also known as the URL. It is used to tell internet browsers where your website is hosted e.g.

Block #2 Hosting

Web hosting is where all the data that makes up your website is stored and made available to the public, your very own little piece of the web.

Block #3 CMS Platform

This is software used to create and maintain your website, a Content Management System, the most popular being WordPress.

Block #4 Themes

WordPress Themes are used within WordPress websites to define the layout and style of your site. There are literally millions to select, choose well and you can really shine.

Block #5 Plugins

Add features and functionality to your website with WordPress plugins; integrating other apps and social media platforms are just some of the possibilities.

Block #6 Search Engines

If people don’t know your domain name they’ll have to use a search engine like Google to find you. Make sure your website is listed.

Make Your Own Infographic

We used Canva to make this infographic about Website Building Blocks. You can use it to make your own infographics too. Follow this link to find out more and other tools for creating great content.

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