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5 PPC Strategies You Should Try🖱️Boost Pay Per Click Conversions

PPC Strategies For 2020

As the years change and various PPC strategies become outdated, marketers have had to come up with new methods; to help boost their profitability and increase their ROI. This task can be daunting for a campaign that is well established. But there are still some creative ways that marketers can benefit from PPC advertising.

Since the advent of the internet, marketers have been coming up with ways to entice potential consumers; into buying their brand of products and services. With a myriad of methodologies to choose from, PPC (or Pay Per Click) advertising is often a first choice go-to method in the world of digital marketing. And the reasoning is simple – it works.

PPC Strategies For 2020

There are always the tried and true methods of PPC strategy. Sitelink Extensions for example, are no longer an after thought. They are more of a habit you complete without a second thought. But marketers must think beyond the typical links to “Home” page or “Contact Us” page; as there are many ways you can use this base strategy.

Outside of the basic Google Ads features, other services that are often under utilised by marketers. Tactics such as: price extensions, Amazon DSP, Twitter follower campaigns, location based ads and Microsoft Ads.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these other options. For those that want something less elementary for their marketing strategy.

1. Amazon DSP PPC Strategy

Amazon’s Design Service Platform is ideal for marketers who want the ads that are shown on Amazon’s partner sites; to refer the potential consumer back to their website. With a full insights and reporting suite, you are able to measure the impact of your marketing strategies.

2. Google Ads Extensions

Google is always developing and altering the available extensions and the ways your ads can be displayed. Recent new additions include Google Ads Message Extensions.

When advertising goods or services, PPC strategies should always include price extensions. This technique is crucial for online retailers and those in e-commerce sectors.

When dealing with PPC ad copy, extensions are your friend; and should be used in conjunction with other layers of your strategy.

3. Twitter Follower Campaigns

There is no way we could talk about pay per click strategies, without discussing some form of social media. Although not necessarily new, with Twitter follower campaigns, you can use your company’s Twitter profile; to help target specific consumers based on behaviours, keywords and other demographics.

The platform itself can help you get the best results. By suggesting the amounts that would be best for your desired outcome. You have the flexibility to adapt your campaign for website traffic, awareness, etc.

4. Microsoft Ads PPC Strategy

For businesses with physical establishments, Microsoft Ads Local Inventory is a must for your PPC strategy. Vendors must take advantage of every opportunity, and with Microsoft Ads Local Inventory they are doing just that.

With location based advertising, vendors can put their products in front of consumers on Bing; who are within a specific radius of their retail outlets. To accomplish this, the vendor will need to upload their product feed in Microsoft Merchant Center; and enable the local inventory ads option.

5. Map Ads For Local PPC Strategies

Two other great options for bricks and mortar type businesses, are relatively new to the scene. Waze and Google Maps both have paid advertising as an available option for marketers.

We at White Rabbit are certified as an official Google Partner and also a Waze Certified Partner. Get your business in front of people searching and travelling in your local area; by showing up on their map searches and routes.

PPC Strategy: Consistency is Key

No matter which PPC strategy you choose, there is one thing to keep in mind, consistency is critical. Many of these techniques can and should be used in a blend with other strategies; to help you achieve your overall marketing goals. However not all may be right for your business model; so be selective in your final choices.

More About PPC Strategies

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