WordPress eCommerce Artist Merchandise Store

WordPress eCommerce Website for Artist’s Merchandise

This responsive eCommerce website provides an outlet for a Portugal based artist, to produce and sell merchandise online with their original artwork on it. This fully automated WordPress eCommerce solution, takes orders via the website front-end and automatically passes the order on to the third party merchandise printer which provides complete order fulfilment.

The customer’s order is then printed, packed and shipped direct to their chosen delivery address. Without any need for interaction by the artist, who can happily continue creating amazing art while their eCommerce merchandise website and social media does the marketing and selling for them.

With complete PayPal integration, the total order value is received into the artist’s PayPal account and then the item is purchased from those funds, leaving no margin for error or financial risk to the artist. Best of all there is no need to layout lots of money to order printed stock in advance, all this merchandise is printed-on-demand and can be ordered as singular items or in bulk.

Some of the specific feature of this website design are:

  • WordPress eCommerce

  • Automated Ordering

  • Printed Merchandise

  • Zero-Touch Order Fullfilment

  • Social Media Integration

  • Refer-a-Friend Scheme

  • High Quality Printing

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Various Sizes & Colours

  • Clothing, Household and Stationery

Here’s a little promotional video from the artist:


If you’re a horror, sci-fi, vintage or militaria fan, why not check out the website and what cool merchandise is available from this artist’s eCommerce store.

Visit the website at tony.masero.co.uk/shop