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Marketing For Makers: 6 Great Websites For Crafts🧵Web Design For Makers In Sussex

WordPress Websites For Crafts People

Understanding each niche, the maker, their ethos and the desires of their clients; is a vital aspect in creating the perfect website for a craftsperson. The versatility in WordPress, both with design and function, makes it the perfect platform to create incredible Websites For Crafts.

In this special Leap Year Post I wanted to explore an area we are very keen on, web design for crafts. Read on to find out more about some WordPress Websites For Craftspeople; some sites that are built, hosted, optimised and maintained by White Rabbit.

Marketing For Makers To Sell Crafts

As a maker and crafts person, it is crucial for you to showcase what you make and sell your crafts online; in a tone that fits with your style and approach to making. Basic craft eCommerce websites will not quite cut it for most, you need something bespoke and customised to you are your craft niche.

1. SEO & Website Design For Basket Weaver In Brighton

This website was created for a craftswoman who makes wicker baskets and repairs cane chairs; under the name of Basketcase Weaving. Due to the optimisation work carried out by White Rabbit, this woman-led business in Brighton, East Sussex; is now receiving enquiries as far afield as Scotland!

Website For Basket Weaver

2. SEO & Digital Marketing For Carpenter & Teacher In Hove

Although we didn’t create the website design for this craftsman; we have optimised it to the max! If you search for just about anything to do with Woodwork Courses in Brighton; you’ll be hard pushed to miss Neon Saw.

We’ve also helped out with establishing a stronger online presence; using social platforms relevant to this small craft business. Tripadvisor company page, social media profiles, localised niche business listings and much more.

Top of the search results for all their targeted keywords; an online booking system that includes gift vouchers and plans in the future for videos lessons. This local carpentry business in Brighton is one to watch!

3. SEO & Website Re-Design For Coffin Maker In Sussex

Migrating away from an existing self-made Wix website, after realising they were not on the best website builder for a craft business. Sussex Willow Coffins saw a considerable increase in traffic, enquiries and sales after joining the White Rabbit Tea Party.

Sussex Willow Coffins Website

4. Website Design For Musical Instrument Maker In UK

Stringit & Strumit is Sussex’s only dedicated Ukulele Maker. Creating scratch-built instruments from exotic and locally sourced native timber, with painstaking accuracy and attention to detail. This niche website design also shows off all the custom cigar-box ukuleles being made for local celebrities and the likes. The video driven design of the homepage, showcases the hand crafted nature of the business.

Ukulele Maker Website

5. Domain & Website Migration For London / Bristol Design Company

Another recent website project of note, was the migration we managed for Plot (a design and creative strategy firm based in the cities of London and Bristol). They wanted to start using a new domain name with a .STUDIO TLD, which is more in-keeping with their brand. At the same time we migrated the WordPress website to some super fast new hosting.

It all went very smoothly, a clean switch over, without any downtime or disruption to the clients website and email service at any time. Check out their new lightening fast hosting and the new domain name here

6. Website Design For Arts & Crafts Australia To Europe

Probably the first and only website showcasing Australian Artwork in Rome, Italy. Counterweave is a collective of artists and creative thinkers. Bringing traditional aboriginal art and work by contemporary Australia artists and craftspeople; to the walls of Italian art galleries and apartments in Rome.

With several third-party integrations, for online bookings and Etsy selling; this self-managed site continues to flourish under their control.

Website For Aboriginal Art in Rome Italy

Marketing For Makers in Other Countries

Not only have we designed the first ever website dedicated to Australian Art in Italy. Our wicker coffin making friend mentioned above, has recently expanded his business; to sell his beautifully crafted products to the American market.

Wicker Caskets Direct is dedicated to selling willow caskets made in Sussex, across the pond. With an accompanying geo-targeted PPC strategy and localised search optimisation; WCD now appears at the top of google search in America and sells wicker coffins to all states in the USA. Yet this site will rarely if ever appear in UK based search result; so as not to compete or conflict with the businesses existing great exposure on Google in the UK.

Other Websites For Crafts People

As well as making WordPress websites for craft makers, that increase sales and exposure. We like to give back to the world of crafts; by working on charitable projects, focused in this area.

Curating Crafts For Sussex Website

Sussex TraditionsWhite Rabbit has recently started providing Digital Marketing and SEO support to a charitable group in Sussex. Initially giving advice and recommendations in a consultative capacity. With a view on increased involvement, to take on the wider project of curating the crafts within their website.

This site isn’t just dedicated to crafts, it has a much wider remit; to cover all things traditionally Sussex. From the craft of beer making, local Morris Dancers, through a broad and deep collection of traditional Sussex music, to the art of Trug Making and much more. This site will really be the place to go for anything to do with Sussex Traditions.

HCA’s List of Endangered Crafts in UK

Heritage Craft AssociationFrom blacksmithing to basketry, from weaving to wood turning; we have an incredible range of heritage craft skills in the UK and some of the best craftspeople in the world. But many of these skills are in the hands of an ageing population; with limited youth and new blood joining the fold.

The research carried out by the HCA focuses on craft practices, which are taking place in the UK at the present time. Including those crafts which have originated elsewhere; and on those aspects of each craft with a high reliance on hand work, and those which involve high levels of hand skill.

In May 2017 the HCA published The Red List of Endangered Crafts, the first research of its kind in the UK. This project has enabled the HCA to shine a light on this important aspect of the UK’s collective intangible heritage; that has, until now, been left in the dark.

Best Website For Small Craft Business

We love making WordPress websites for crafts people and makers of all kinds. They always lead to interesting conversation, new ideas and brain tickling web development projects. Engaging with the individual craft person, getting to know them and what they make; and then helping them to promote their craft in the big wide digital world.

Contact us today if you need the best commerce website for artist crafts and have a project to discuss; you might need some help with improving your search ranking, social media engagement or other digital marketing advice.