WTF is a SERP Anyway?


WTF is a SERP Anyway?

What is a SERP?

Sounds daft, looks daft but boy is a SERP important! SERP in all its glory – why you should be interested in SERP and what it means for your website activity and the web traffic that visits you.

SEO from White Rabbit

White Rabbit likes to cut out as much jargon as possible, to ensure you fully understand all the ins and outs of your website. This can only help you to develop a valuable asset to both yourself and your customers. So here we go with cutting out the BS from a SERP 😉

Search Engine Result Page – Well that’s it really, the clue’s in the name. The page of results generated by a search engine when users search the web for a specific phrase or keyword related to your website.

Why is a SERP important to me?

You may well ask and if you don’t know that, I’m a little worried as to what you’re doing here… It’s fairly common knowledge that where your website falls in the SERP (search engine result page), dictates whether you will get much traffic from that search engine and search term. If you are near the top of page 1 in the search engine result pages then you are far more likely to get people clicking through to your website and in turn buying your product, service or whatever else it is you do with your website.

There are many ways to improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and this will move your website up the SERP positions, see the other White Papers and Tutorials on the White Rabbit website for more information or make contact today to discuss your needs and how White Rabbit can help.

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